Hello to all of you beautiful people!

How have you been this winter? I pray you have stayed well but if you are one that has suffered with any of the many viruses in the air, I hope this video can encourage you on some ways to recover and encourage healthy immune function.

I have been talking on the phone and seeing clients this winter suffering with many different ailments, including the cold and flu. I have been educating as many as I can on how to stay well during the winter months and how to avoid the flu. Here is a video that I did this morning to share some of these wellness tips with you.

Please forgive me for not shooting the best quality video here...I was turning my phone so much during the process to show you images up close and as you will see, some of the video is sideways because of this. I thought about not sharing it, but I thought you might want to have the pictures (even if they're sideways) to see what I'm talking about.

Much Love, Blessings, and Prayers of health and peace to all of you!

The links below are those I discussed in the video. If you would like to have further instructions, education, and recipes on these specific topics, please read further:

Castor Oil Packs:


The Many Benefits of Juicing:


Juicing Recipes:


Epsom Salt Baths:


Dry Skin Brushing Instructions:


Sun Salutations (Encourages Healthy Lymph Flow)


Elderberry Immune Syrup:


Ancient Ginger and Garlic Soup:


Thieves Essential Oil Blend (how to make your own)


Fig, Fennel, and Thyme Cough Syrup


Pine Needle Tea:


Circulatory and Immune Boosting Tea:


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