1.) Tea steeping   2.) Finished ans strained tea

I’ve been making this tea concoction the last few weeks since cold and flu season hit the area. This tea has many medicinal components in it. The ginger and cayenne are both stimulating to the circulatory system and also very warming to the body, which is helpful in the wintry cold weather. Cayenne and ginger both wonderful for warding off colds and other illnesses. They are also carminatives, like the cardamom that we will also use in this special tea. Carminative herbs reduce the production of gas in the intestinal tract and support the movement of material through the digestive system, aiding in digestion and absorption.

I also added turmeric and black pepper to this tea to further the support of the immune system. Turmeric is a dry pungent herb and has been used to treat colds, coughs, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant. Reducing inflammation in the body is very important in warding off whatever is going around. In fact, inflammation of one kind or another, is one of the roots to most, if not all illnesses.

The black pepper used in this recipe also assists the body in the stimulation of circulation, promotes, digestion, and increases the bioavailability of other herbs, especially the turmeric root.

The last additions of this tea are fresh squeezed lemon juice and raw honey. Lemon juice is high in vitamin C, which is an important aid to the health of our immunity. Lemon juice also helps the organs of elimination to drain properly, decreases mucous congestion in the body, and helps to stimulate digestion.The raw honey is antimicrobial and has natural antibiotic properties to aid our bodies defense system, not to mention it tastes delicious!

Drink this tea daily or several times per week to help keep you warm, to increase circulation, and to optimize your immunity!



4 cups water

10 cardamom pods (crushed) or 1 tsp cardamom powder

5 peppercorns or a pinch of ground black pepper

1 large piece of fresh ginger -grated (size of your pointer or ring finger)

1 small piece of fresh turmeric root-grated  (size of your pinky finger) or 1 tsp ground turmeric powder

1/4-1/2  tsp. cayenne powder or as much as you can tolerate

Juice of 1 lemon

1-2 TBSP raw honey

Place the cardamom, black and cayenne pepper, ginger and turmeric root in a glass quart mason jar. Pour 4 cups of boiled water into the jar and steep for 1-2 hours. I like to cover my jar with a thick towel and then place a plate on top of that to keep it warm and insulated.

After the steeping time, strain and add the fresh lemon juice and honey and drink throughout the day.





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