Naturopath Consultation

What to expect

A nutritional protocol will be personally designed for you based on your health concerns, current and future health goals, and past and current test results, if applicable.

Tests may be ordered at your consultation based on your health situation. These tests may include; GI Map, to check for parasites, bacteria, yeast, leaky gut syndrome, GI/immune markers, and possible inflammation Food Sensitivity Panel, to check for food sensitivities that could be causing GI irritation and inflammation, Heavy Metal Testing, to check for heavy metal toxicities, Organic Acid Testing, to check for amino acids, minerals, vitamins, toxicity, and specific markers for mitochondria health, Mycotox Testing, to check for mold and mycotoxins, Estrogen Metabolite Testing, to check for estrogen dominance and hormonal balance, Adrenal/Hormone Saliva kit to check for adrenal and hormone imbalances. Other specific laboratory tests may also be used to determine nutritional deficiencies and specific blood components.

The nutritional protocol will be recommended and given to you at the end of your initial consultation and will be updated with each rescreen consultation based on test results and for ongoing health management.

The protocol may consist of nutritional supplementation, herbal recommendations, homeopathic remedies, stress management techniques, detoxification therapies, and specific dietary changes based on your nutritional needs.

The first initial consult is $200.00 which is a 90 minute consultation.

Rescreen consults are $125.00 and are recommended every month after the initial consult, for at least 3 months, or more if needed depending on health status.

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