Dry Skin Brushing Offers the Following Benefits to Our Body:

*Stimulates and increase blood flow and circulation in underlying organs and tissues

*Increases the eliminative capacity for the skin as well as revitalizing the skin, healthier muscle tone

*Decreases and breaks down cellulite by helping the skin’s distribution of fatty deposits

*Has a rejuvenating influence on the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings in the skin

*Stimulates hormone and oil producing glands, helps to keep the skin looking more youthful, smooth, and strong, also prevents premature aging of the skin

*Strengthens and cleanses the lymphatic system

*Removes dead layers of skin and other toxic impurities, keeps skin pores open and functioning optimally

Dry Skin Brushing Tips

*Please use a long-handled brush made from natural fiber bristles for the most effective results. The long handle is handy for reaching all areas of the body. It takes about 2 weeks for the skin brush to not feel stiff or scratchy to the skin.

*Avoid skin brushing if your skin is broken, infected, or if you are prone to bleeding easily.

*Wash your dry skin brush every 2 weeks with a natural soap (Dr. Bronner’s is a good choice). Dry the brush afterwards in the sun or warm place.

*Use separate brushes for each member of the family.

*You may also brush your scalp. Scalp brushing helps to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation and helps to keep the scalp clean.

*You may brush the face area too but use a soft, natural fiber facial brush for this sensitive area. Use very gentle pressure and brush in a circular motion.

Dry Skin Brushing Instructions

*Dry skin brush (unclothed) before your shower or bath so you can wash off the impurities from the skin as a result of the skin brushing.

*Keep in mind- important- Every area that you are skin brushing should be brushed a total of at least 3 times in a row.

*Starting on the soles of the feet, brush in a circular clockwise motion, move up the legs, remembering to brush each area 3 or more times. Always brush towards the heart…do not brush up and down but use all upward strokes (towards the heart). Use long sweeping strokes.

*When you reach the groin, use upward strokes (bottom of groin to top) and then move to abdomen. Use circular clockwise motions around abdominal area. After abdominal area, brush left arm in an upward motion (always toward the heart) then move to left breast and move brush in a circular and clockwise motion. Use gentle pressure around the breast tissue.Then move to left armpit and use a downward motion, towards the heart (3 times).

Move to right arm and repeat the same motion as left arm instructions. Next do the right breast and do the same motion as the left breast and then move to right armpit. Do the front of the neck (downward motion-towards the heart) before moving onto the back.

The breasts drain lymph through the armpits, so this is why we do the armpits after the arms and breasts. This opens up the lymph channels and allows proper drainage to take place.

*Do the lower back next, upwards towards the heart and then do the upper back and back of neck in a downward motion (always towards the heart).

*Use as much pressure as you can stand. It is normal for your skin to have a warm and rosy appearance after skin brushing. Remember to use light pressure on your face and breasts.

*Skin brushing should be performed once daily for best results, preferably in the morning. A good thorough skin brushing will take about 10-15 minutes but your skin and body will thank you for it!

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