The symptoms of a herxheimer reaction or healing crisis can be any of the following:

Fever, rashes, headaches, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, weakness, brain fog, backache, sore throat, congestion, chills, etc…

Each symptom is usually unique to each individual. I have seen individuals have symptoms that show up with a healing reaction that they might have had as a child. Possibly these symptoms were suppressed at the time of the illness with medications or other treatments and the illness never completely healed or left the body. These old symptoms are usually a positive sign that the “old” illness or stagnant waste matter is being brought out so the body can completely heal. The body will heal in the reverse of illnesses or symptoms…so the current health situation will be healed first and then it will continue clearing back to the past until the unresolved illnesses that have been stored in the body have completely been eradicated. Our bodies are designed to heal if given the correct treatment for each specific person.

If any of the above symptoms occur at home while on this protocol, there are a few things you can do to tolerate a healing crises reaction:

1.    Alkalize: 

*Alka-Seltzer Gold dissolved in a glass of water, buffered Vitamin C powder (usually 1-2 tsp in a glass of water every 8 hours, lemon-lime water at the onset and duration of the crises

*Lemon/Lime Water-1-2 fresh lemons and/or limes squeezed into a glass of room temperature or warm water, sip and finish within a half hour. Try to sip through s straw if possible but if cannot, then brush your teeth afterwards to protect the enamel of your teeth.

2.    Detox:

continue to detoxify and support the elimination of toxins from the body- do a coffee enema, activated charcoal capsules (take 2 caps every 3-4 hours), make sure you are drinking plenty of clean, filtered water- ½ oz for every pound of body weight, plus 12 oz, *NAC (N-Acetylcysteine- 1 every 8 hours)

*Liposomal Glutathione (amount will be advised based on each individual)

*Sauna therapy (if you have one- sweating releases many toxins), you may also do an *Epsom salt bath (2-3 cups Epsom salt to a warm-hot bath of water, soak for 20 minutes and shower off afterwards), castor oil packs to the liver and bowel area (advised to do a coffee enema after castor oil pack to release the stagnant matter that the castor oil softened)

*Kidney drainage- if your kidneys or lower back is aching, then make parsley tea to drain kidneys- 1 large bunch of fresh parsley added to 2-3 quarts of hot water-steep for 1 hour and sip throughout the day- 2-3 cups can be consumed daily for drainage

*Binders- binders help to mop up or act like a sponge with the circulating toxins from detoxification

  -Activated Charcoal- (available at a health food store) 2-3 capsules on an empty stomach 3-4 times per day if needed for toxicity symptoms- make sure you drink plenty of fluids with charcoal (they can be constipating- you may need extra Magnesium Oxide or Citrate for assisting with bowel activity

-BioToxin Binder (available through our office)- same instructions as above but can be taken with food and does not need to be taken on an empty stomach- this one usually does not cause constipation like Activated Charcoal can

3.    Lymph drainage-

*Lymph drainage massage or gently rebounding on a rebounder for several minutes 2-3 times per day can assist with stagnant lymphatic flow

*Sun Salutations (yoga opening poses- do 5-10 repetitions)- this exercise acts like a pump to the lymphatic system

*Taking a walk in the fresh air if possible is helpful for lymph flow- try to move your whole body…swing arms back and forth while walking to incorporate upper body lymph flow

*Epsom Salt Baths-stimulate lymph

*Castor Oil Packs-stimulate lymph- apply to area where you are having discomfort, example-lower back, abdomen, chest, legs, groin, neck, shoulders, etc…


4.    Rest:

Rest is essential to healing. This is not the time to be at work or doing household chores, or running errands. Rest and take it easy. Take a personal day and pamper yourself.

5.    Diet:

Try not to eat solid food while dealing with a healing crisis. Consume broths, fresh pressed juices, clear liquids, light stews, hot cereals (no gluten), and fresh or lightly stewed fruits, and lightly cooked vegetables are all recommended choices.

When your body is going through a healing crisis, it is using the energy to heal and release old matter. It is also replacing the old congested matter with new vital cells and healthy tissue. Eating too much or a solid food diet during this time can slow down this process. Your body uses so much energy for digesting, so give your digestive system a break and let the energy be used by your body for healing and recovery.

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