Our bodies are exposed to this radiation on a daily basis through cell phones, computers, desktops, laptops, WiFi, WiFi routers, cell phone towers, I Pad tablets, microwaves, Smart device technologies, Smart meters, and cordless phones.

EMF’s are an invisible hazard and research has shown that regular cell phone use begins to heat brain tissue and affects our cellular health. They also have been shown to disrupt the body’s immune function.

Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York says that 30 percent of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use cell phones. This invisible stressor is affecting the energetic nature of our cellular health.

This energetic nature of our cells is known as our biofield. Our biofield is our personal energetic blueprint, known as our chi, aura, chi, prana, or Life Force. Our biofield vibrates at a specific frequency.

Radiation/EMF’s weaken the electrical field of our cells. If the activity of the cell’s frequency gets disrupted, because of EMF exposure, then the cell’s efficiency to detoxify and to gather nutrients and bring it back into the cell is prevented. This leaves us in a toxic state and our immune system deficient for critical nutrients.

Limiting our exposure to EMF’s and taking preventative measures to protect ourselves is crucial to our cellular and overall health.

How Can We Protect Ourselves From EMF Exposure?

1. Turn off your electronic devices and power strips completely (not on standby) when not in use, also turn off Blue Tooth and WiFi as well. All of these emit EMF frequencies, especially Blue Tooth and WiFi.

2. Turn of WiFi router at night when sleeping. You can set your WiFi to be turned off at a certain time on a daily basis or you can turn it off manually. This can help to minimize your WiFi and EMF exposure. Turning off WiFi at night can be beneficial for getting a better quality of sleep and a great help for those dealing with insomnia. WiFi can interfere with healthy sleeping patterns.

3. Turn your cell phone off when you’re not using it or put it in Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode will keep your phone from transmitting and emitting radiation. Use your cell phone when it has several bars, try not to use it with only 1-2 bars. With less bars, it’s working harder searching for a network and is emitting more EMF’s.

4. Keep your phone away and off of your body! Do not put your phone in your bra or pockets. Use a bag, cell phone strap, or place your phone on a surface when not using it.

5. Keep your phone away from your head as much as possible. When you’re talking on the phone, use Speaker Mode and keep it as far away as possible from your head and neck area.

6. Try not to use your cell phone in a moving vehicle. When you’re using your phone in a moving vehicle, it is constantly searching for cell towers and WiFi connection, making the EMF exposure to you much higher.

7. Keep your cell phone away from your body and bed and at least 10-15 feet way from you while sleeping. It’s best to turn it completely off during sleeping hours.

8. Keep cordless phones out of the house completely if possible, but if you cannot, keep them off of the night stand beside your bed. Get a corded landline phone.

9. Keep WiFi routers out of bedrooms and areas with the most activity.

10. Keep baby monitors at least 1 meter away from crib and your bed.

11. Avoid all SMART devices and technology…security system, watches, wearable fitness devices, and TV’s. SMART devices and technology is constantly emitting and receiving information.

12. If you have a SMART meter, then make sure it is not near bedrooms or rooms that are constantly in use. These units are constantly searching for a signal 24/7 and some researchers are saying, it’s like having a mini cell phone tower attached to your home.

In PA, you cannot opt out of having a SMART meter but in some states you can. If your state is an opt out state, then call your utility company and tell them you would like to switch back to the analog meter. There might be a fee associated with doing this but it is usually minimal and it is worth the cost to protect you and your family.

*If you have a SMART meter and cannot opt out of having one, you can install a SMART meter shield kit (interior and exterior is recommended). The interior shield protects the inside of the room or area that the SMART meter is attached to and the exterior is attached to the front of the SMART meter itself to limit EMF exposure and emittance.

The website is: lessemf.com

13. Keep laptops and all devices off of your lap. Use them on a hard surface instead of your lap or body.

14. Reduce time on devices and remember more distance is better.

15. Limit or completely eliminate microwaves! Microwaves radiate your food and change the molecular structure of your food, even water.

16. Reduce or stop screen time starting at 5pm or several hours before you go to bed. This is because of the blue light exposure from these devices. This includes screens from TV’s, computers, phones, Kindles, I Pads, and tablets. Blue light from screens negatively affects the pineal gland and melatonin production, which can prevent proper sleep.

17. Keep all screens and EMF devices out of the bedroom to encourage healthy and thorough sleep patterns.




 Protection Gear For EMF/EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure)

www.lessemf.com (protective wear for EMF protection, SMART meter shield kits, YShield High Frequency Shielding Paint, and EMF shielding protection bedding)

www.bellyarmor.com (protective wear for pregnant moms, babies, children, and men)

www.hedronemfprotection.com (protective shields for cell phones, computers, big game computers, and beds)

www.electricsense.com (information about EMF/EMR)


(this website link is for a Tri Field Meter Model TF2- a meter that will detect and measure the magnetic, electrical, and the magnitude of currents by different types of EMF fields, magnetic, electric, and microwave currents inside the human body)









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