Sun salutations also are a wonderful way to get the lymph in the body moving. They get the lymph system activated and pumping properly through the movement and the deep breaths. Proper lymphatic drainage in our bodies encourages healthy circulation, thorough detoxification and elimination, energy, health, and a sense of well-being.  A healthy body depends on the fluidity of this incredible lymph fluid.

When this system is not functioning properly and gets congested and clogged, illness, inflammation, and toxicity can occur.  Our lymph system relies on our activities to keep it flowing properly.  It is not a pump like your heart.  It is a pumpless system.  Activities like exercise, movement, deep breathing, rebounding, and skin brushing can all assist the lymph system to drain properly.  When we are sedentary or inactive, stressed, sick, eat poorly, and suffer with constipation, our lymphatic system can get congested. Doing sun salutations are a wonderful way to encourage this important system in our body to function more efficiently. These movements also increase proper blood flow and circulation.

As you move through theses specific poses/postures, the joints are also being lubricated assisting with the full range of motion in the body. Sun salutations help to relieve tension on the spine.

Sun salutations are a meant to be a greeting and warm up to a yoga sequence. They were developed and created many years ago as a transformative experience to help release the burden of our personal obsessions and just come back to our spirit essence. The combination of movements helps to create a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rhythm. Sun salutations are a pause or a return to center,  providing us a deep rhythm like transformation within our whole body.

A wonderful way to start your day is to do at least 5 sequences of the sun salutations. Be kind to yourself while doing this sequence and never push yourself. Take breaks if you need to or modify the poses to suit your own body’s needs. Don’t forget to breathe!

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