Autonomic Response Testing-A.R.T.

I am now offering Autonomic Response Testing to all of my clients. This type of testing is an advanced form of applied kinesiology testing using muscle biofeedback developed by the world-renowned German physician Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D. PhD.

I feel so grateful to have been taught from this brilliant physician of our time.

I look at the body differently now than I ever did after studying Autonomic Response Testing with Dr. Klinghardt. We are blessed to have such an amazing and complex bodily system and we are truly fearfully and wonderfully made!

What is Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.)?

Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.) has been shown to be the most accurate form of all kinesiology testing techniques and is a form of highly sensitive energetic medicine. A.R.T. is similar to TCM or Chinese Medicine applications, which evaluates the body from an energetic view, but does not involve the placement of acupuncture needles.

Autonomic Response Testing is different from other forms of muscle testing. A.R.T. utilizes the latest findings and developments of quantum and biophotonic physics to assist in the evaluation of the nervous system and body, which gives a more thorough level of accessing the system.

With this sophisticated type of testing, A.R.T. evaluations are able to find hidden health issues that are not easily found through other forms of testing, including lab work. Through this testing, A.R.T. practitioners are able to find a much wider array of root causes of illness, including nervous system disharmony, organ imbalances, emotional traumas, toxins, pathogens, and infections.

Most infections, especially stealth infections (microbes, virsues, and certain bacteria) can hide deeply inside the cells and tissues of the body, preventing your immune system from detecting these harmful invaders. Research is showing us that stealth/chronic infections are contributing to many types of chronic illness that we are seeing in our world today.

These stealth infections are missed most of the time in conventional labs but A.R.T. testing can help detect these hidden pathogens giving valuable information into your chronic health concerns.


A.R.T. assists in finding the proper herbs, homeopathic remedies, nutrients, and other therapies to neutralize and clear the imbalances, as well as to provide healing support for the entire system.

A.R.T. not only evaluates the Autonomic Nervous System but also checks and evaluates the light emissions of the body. Our system can develop chronic disease processes when the light emissions of our body are skewed or being blocked. Toxins, infections, organ imbalances, emotional traumas, scars, dental issues, structural imbalances, chronic WIFI exposure, and sleeping on a geopathic fault line can all block the proper healing light angle emissions of the body.

A.R.T. testing can also detect interference fields in the body, such as dental issues, scars, as well as tattoos, and clothing (especially black garments). Interference fields in the body prevent proper meridian/energy flow, organ balance, and nervous system harmony.

These interference fields can be a large part of the root causes of illness and are extremely important to locate and find which therapeutic agent will neutralize and heal this field. Interference fields can also cause drug uptake issues in the body. Drug uptake is accessed with A.R.T. testing to see if the herbs, homeopathic remedies, and nutrients are getting properly absorbed by the entire system.

For example, if someone has a dental infection/cavitation or root canaled tooth, the herbs or other recommended protocol may be able to be absorbed in the body but not in the brain or head area because of the interference field in the mouth. This person could have symptoms of chronic brain fog, forgetfulness, headaches, anxiety, or chronic fatigue. These interference fields can prevent someone from healing completely so it is vital that they are found and neutralized accordingly.

What happens during an A.R.T. Session?

The A.R.T. practitioner and intermediary testing person will be in the room along with the client for testing. The client will lie down or sit down and first be checked for blocked regulation and neurogenic switching.

Blocked regulation occurs when the cells of your body lose their ability to produce coherent light. This coherent light (biophotons) carries information to every cell in the body, causing balance and harmony within your entire system. If this light coherence is blocked, the cells of your body have lost their ability to communicate with each other, causing disharmony and energetic blockages in the body.

Healthy cells emit coherent light. Unhealthy cells and tissues emit non-coherent light, or none at all.

It is vital that blocked regulation be corrected for optimal health.

Neurogenic switching is also checked after checking for open or blocked regulation.

Neurogenic switching occurs when there is any type of neurological disharmony in the body. This type of switching is usually caused by interference fields, which are mentioned above. Correcting neurogenic switching is also vital for optimal health and to balance and harmonize the body and system. After open/blocked regulation and neurogenic switching are checked and balanced if needed, then the organs of the body are checked for balance or imbalances. When corrected accordingly, the body is then checked energetically for the extracellular space and intracellular space of the cells and matrix of the entire system. If any pathogens, toxins, infections, imbalances, or emotional disturbances are found, then the neutralizing and balancing remedy or therapy will be given to bring back harmony in the system.

Allergies or sensitivities are also ruled out from any previous supplementation/diet and discontinued so the system to optimize healing.

If a client would like supplements, herbs, or foods that he/she is already taking/eating before the session tested during the appointment, then it is asked that the client brings small samples of each food/supplement/herb in individual small plastic baggies or glass bottles that are labeled with the item.

At the end of the session, an individualized protocol will be explained in detail and provided for the client.

What is Tap and Tone during an A.R.T. session?

The plethora of stressors in our environment can exhaust our ability to self-regulate our system. Our system can get stuck in these pathological/stressed states. When this occurs, we can encourage our system to become balanced and unstuck. Tapping on specific acupuncture/meridian point and toning simultaneously balances our system and can provide lasting results in our healing. Tapping and toning can be used to balance neurogenic switching, blocked regulation, improper drug uptake, neutralize interference fields, organ imbalance, and so much more.

Why toning?

When we tone (singing not humming), the laryngeal recurrent nerve in our throat activates our vagus nerve which assists our autonomic nervous system to balance and reharmonize. The tapping and toning together causes an anchoring effect to balance out a stuck system.

How long is an A.R.T. session and how often are the sessions scheduled?

Each A.R.T. session lasts approximately 90 minutes. It is recommended the client be accessed again in 4- 8 weeks, or depending on the amount of time needed for the protocol to be updated.

An initial A.R.T. session is $250.00 and a rescreen A.R.T. session is $175.00.

I am using Autonomic Response Testing now for all new clients that schedule initial appointments and for rescreen appointments as well, unless scheduled for an emotional release therapy session or a Naturopathic appointment is requested.

Please let me know if you’d like to schedule a session of this specialized testing. Please send me an email at or call 717-341- 3916.

Thank you so much!

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