Hello and Happy Summer!

These summer days have been beautiful and I have been enjoying the warmth of the sun as well as the blooming flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the garden. I hope you have been enjoying this new season as well, with all of the earths beauty bursting into vibrant colors as well as the longer days. It brings joy to my heart to have light in the sky past 8 pm in the evening and to see the fireflies lighting up the dusky sky. Oh, the joys and blessings of summer!

We had our first Women's Medicine Circle this past Thursday evening and it was wonderful! We all had a lovely time together and I was so excited to talk with these beautiful women about herbal therapies for self care and nourishment. Thank you so much again for the women who attended!

I wanted to let you know that I will be holding another Women's Medicine Circle Workshop on Thursday, July 21st from 6:30 pm to 9 pm.

At this workshop, I will be teaching about herbal therapies and healing modalities for the pelvic region and our womb. This class will be filled with golden nuggets of wisdom used for women throughout the centuries for restoring health, strength, circulation, and vibrancy to this sacred space deep within our bodies.

Our womb is our sacred space deep within our pelvic region that houses our creativity and wisdom of our bodies. Health issues of our reproductive system are trying to tell us a story, whether it is whispering to us about healing past traumas, or waking us up to create or "give birth" to something new. Did you know that the emotional link with uterine fibroids is a type of suppression of a "birth' of some kind, whether it is a baby or new business, or creation of some kind?

Most of us women have forgotten how to listen to the whispering messages of our bodies, until it is no longer a whisper.

I wanted to give this class as it has been on my heart to educate women on how important our sacred space is and how vital it is to the health of our body, but also to our hearts and souls as women.

In this workshop, we will discuss more about the energetics and emotional aspects of our womb.

We will also talk about how important castor oil packs and bringing warmth to the pelvic region is vital in encouraging warmth, circulation, and flow to this area. We will discuss the benefits of vaginal steaming and go into depth about the process and the herbs used for different kinds of health concerns. Vaginal steaming has been used in other countries for centuries and girls and women do it regularly as a cleansing practice for the uterus, cervix, and vaginal area.

Also, I will demonstrate an abdominal massage technique to encourage a healthy and strong pelvic region, uterus, and abdominal muscle tone. This ancient technique has been used with much success in stimulating the lymphatic system, prolapse of pelvic organs, uterine tone and cleansing, as well as for those dealing with any kind of digestive issue, such as; bloating, SIBO, gas, IBD, and IBS.

The last therapy I will discuss with you is the importance of mugwort or moxa for our pelvic region and womb. This herbal technique has been used throughout the centuries as well, including in Chinese Medicine.

All of these therapies have been used throughout time for infertility, endometriosis, PCOS, in preparation for a healthy pregnancy, menstrual concerns of all kinds, prolapse, and most importantly, to maintain health and vitality as a woman.

This workshop will be jam packed with useful information, so please don't miss this class as it will be vital for every woman, whether you are cycling or post menopausal, these techniques can be extremely supportive and nourishing to your healing journey. This class is also very important for women who have had their uterus removed because of hysterectomies. You still inhabit this sacred space within yourself and continue to cycle on an energetic level.

If you would like to attend, please click below on the link...I hope to see you there!


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