Today in this article, I will guide you through which supplements I feel are important to stay healthy while traveling. When you are away from home, one of the worst experiences is to be unwell. This is the reason I decided to do this series. I wanted to share some healthful tips that I’ve learned over the last 20 years to keep you healthy so that you can enjoy your travel experiences to the fullest.

Please check with your personal health practitioner or physician before taking these supplements to make sure they do not interfere with any medication or other health concerns you may have.

. I hope these guidelines will be helpful for you and your loved ones when you decide to travel.

Bon Voyage!

Para 1 and Para 2- most important for International trips and visits to 3rd world countries-

These 2 supplements are a parasite cleanse combo that are the bomb when it comes to cleaning out unfriendly guests from your body and GI tract. They also help to prevent GI illness and are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. I also recommend these 2 products every fall and spring for my clients for a good internal parasite cleansing.

Adult dosage- Take 2 of each twice daily on an empty stomach- drink plenty of clean, filtered water while taking these 2 products, drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water, this should be consumed on a daily basis and make sure your bowels are moving very well-1-2 times daily when you take these products. If you struggle with constipation or not moving your bowels daily, these 2 products are not recommended.

These should be started 1-2 weeks before you leave on your trip so your body is ready when you reach your destination. Continue taking these for 6 weeks-2 months after you return home. You can order these at:     You will be prompted for a patient code, it is: HJ21F0XR

If you would like to read more detailed information on why parasite cleansing is important, please read:

Allimax PRO- Allimax Pro is a certified bioactive allicin supplement. Each capsule contains 450mg of AlliSURE AC-23 stabilized allicin extract, which is the world’s only stabilized extract of allicin.

 I can’t say enough amazing things about this product and how many times I have used it for my family and recommended it for my clients dealing with colds, flus, GI infections, UTI’s, respiratory infections, and the list goes on and on.

If you’ve been exposed to illness, typical dosage is (1) 3 times daily and if you are ill, typical dosage can be (3) capsules 3 times per day for 10 days or until symptoms are gone. Children would be half this dose. This is a great one to add to your suitcase when you travel!

*You can order this one on:



Argentyn 23-(yesterday I mentioned Argentyn 23 Silver Hydrosol Vertical Nasal Spray for the airplane)

*these are both the same, but the vertical spray has a nasal spray attachment on the bottle. You can pour some of the Argentyn 23 into a glass bottle with a nasal spray attachment and use it so you don’t have to buy 2 separate products, if you wish)

Argentyn 23 is a professional grade silver hydrosol. It represents the ultimate refinement and most significant breakthrough in colloidal technology. Colloidal silver is an anti-microbial that attacks bacteria in 2 ways: it makes the cell membrane more permeable and interferes with the cells metabolism. Argentyn 23 contains 99.999% pure silver that is suspended in pharmaceutical grade purified water.

I always have a bottle of this on hand at home and at the office when clients have acute and chronic viral infections, as well as infections with specific bacterial strains. It is also a great anti-fungal. This is a very helpful one to have when you’re away. It combats so many unfriendly microbes.

*You will need to carry this in your suitcase because it is a liquid or you can pour some into a 2 oz bottle for the airplane and the rest of the bottle can be stored in your suitcase.

See below for specific usages:

Maintenance Dose: 1 teaspoon, hold under tongue for 30 seconds, swallow; take once per day.
Immune Building: 1 teaspoon, hold under tongue for 30 seconds, swallow; take 3 times per day.
Acute Immune Issues: 1 teaspoon, hold under tongue for 30 seconds, swallow; take 7 times per day.
Ear Health: 1-2 dropper full as needed or desired.
Eye Health: Use 1-2 drops every hour.
First Aid Recovery Support for Cuts, Scrapes, Bug Bites, etc.: To support the immune system- spray five to ten times; repeat 5 times per day.

Gastrointestinal Health: Swallow one tablespoon directly without holding, every hour on an empty stomach until balance is restored.

Intestinal Health Balance: Take 1 tablespoon of silver with 1 tablespoon of a pure aloe liquid on an empty stomach, 3 times per day. Take a probiotic at night before going to bed. This protocol could last 2-8 weeks.
Mouth and Gum Health: Hold 2-3 teaspoons in mouth for a couple of minutes, then swallow; repeat 3-4 times per day.

Nasal Health / Allergies: 1-2 dropper full, leave in for 2 minutes, then swallow; repeat 3-4 times per day. Or, if using a vertical spray, 5 to 10 sprays; repeat 3-4 times per day. I love to use the vertical spray option (nasal sprayer) with symptoms of sinus issues or nasal allergies.

Respiratory Health: Frequent use of small amounts of product is best.

Skin Health: To support the immune system, spray 5-10 times; repeat 5 times per day. If practical, mix with a pure Aloe Vera gel (ratio 1:1) and the silver will have a longer-lasting action; repeat 5 times per day.

Throat Health: Hold 1-2 tablespoons in throat for 3 minutes, then swallow; repeat several times per day. If using spray, 15 sprays every hour.

Urinary Tract Health: Swallow one tablespoon directly without holding, every hour on an empty stomach until urinary tract balance is restored.

*You can order from:

Digestion GB- This is a digestive enzyme with liver/gallbladder support to aid your body in the breakdown of digestion and proper absorption of nutrients. When we travel, we usually consume foods that our bodies are usually not accustomed to eating, let alone digesting. This is a great formula to give your digestive system and liver/gallbladder aid in this extremely important function.

*Take 2 with each meal for best results- you can order from:

Astaxanthin 12 mg

Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It provides free radical and radiation protection. When it comes to free radical scavenging, it is 64 times more powerful than vitamin C and 14 times more powerful than vitamin E.

Astaxanthin acts as a UVB absorber and can therefore reduce the DNA damage by flight radiation. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent and can act like an internal sunscreen, naturally reducing your susceptibility to sunburn.

I recommend 12 mg daily and it should be started at least 2 weeks before your leave for you trip. This is the most effective way to give your body enough time for an antioxidant boost and protection.

You can order from:

Activated Charcoal- Activated Charcoal is a highly porous product and can adsorb unwanted substances, carrying them out of the digestive system. This is a very helpful product when you have diarrhea, food poisoning, feeling ill, or having detoxification reactions. Interestingly enough, activated charcoal also helps to reduce the effects of radiation too by adsorbing and attaching itself to radionuclides in the same way it attaches to other toxins.

It will usually turn your stools black and should be taken away from food and other supplements because of its adsorbent properties. It can also cause slight constipation in some individuals. Drink plenty of water while taking this one…at least half of your body weight in ounces daily.

Recommended dosage is 2-3 capsules (500 mg total) every 4 hours until symptoms subside

You can order from:

Complete Spore Restore- this is a very good probiotic for rebuilding the digestive system after taking all of these antimicrobials. Antimicrobials are important when needed for prevention and treatment of microbial illnesses but after taking them for a period of time, it is important to repopulate the healthy bacteria that might have been lost during illness and antimicrobial treatment. 

Take 1-2 capsules before bed for 1 month to reseed/repopulate your microbiome health

You can order from:

*You can also make homemade coconut water kefir at home for a wonderful probiotic repopulation for your GI tract instead of purchasing a probiotic. See the recipe below if you are interested in making this power packed nutrient rich probiotic drink.

I hope these recommendations have been helpful and educational for you. If you would like to have more of a personal based protocol for your unique needs during traveling, please feel free to email me at

Many Blessings and Happy Traveling!



Coconut Water Kefir Recipe

This recipe is a power packed nutritive and fermented drink. This drink aids in the repopulation of healthy flora in the GI tract. It is one of my favorite fermented food choices for restoring and healing a compromised system. When this drink is ready, it has a slightly fresh effervescent taste and is very refreshing. It is also a dairy free option for those that are sensitive.

Coconut Water Kefir can help stop cravings for sugar and sweets, aids in the digestion of all foods, tones and cleanses the digestive system and liver, eases aches and pains, clears up skin problems, like skin tags and moles, etc..., improves vision, makes hair, skin, and nails healthier because of it's high mineral content (calcium, magnesium, potassium, and natural sodium), and cleanses the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, and ovaries). Enjoy!

*You can usually find these young Thai coconuts at Asian grocery stores or Whole Foods Markets. You can usually preorder them from a health food grocery store as well


Take 2 young Thai coconuts (white) and cut top off with a clean hatchet or poke 2-3 holes in top until water inside is noticed- you can watch you tube videos on how to open if you wish or purchase a special tool from to open these coconuts (see below):,95_.jpg

Coconut Opener Set for Young...



Take the fresh coconut water and gently heat in a pan on stove until water is about 90 F or feels room temperature to your clean finger when dipping into pan (no warmer than 90 F). Pour warmed coconut water into sterile or very clean glass jar (2 coconuts will usually yield about 1 quart of liquid). Add 1 packet of Body Ecology Kefir Starter to contents and stir. Put lid on and sit on counter for 36 hours…try to have the room at 70 F if possible for best fermentation.

After 36 hours on counter, place in fridge. It is ready to drink now. It should be tart and tangy with a mild sweetness. You can take ½ cup of this mixture and add to next batch of coconut water for culturing. You can continue adding the ½ cup of each batch to the next 5 batches. After 5 batches, use a new packet. After initial batch is made, you can decrease the fermentation time on counter to 24 hours.

Start process over after using the batch 5 times. Drink ½ - 1 cup daily or more for reinoculation of healthy bacteria and also great to drink if craving sweets.

I can’t emphasize enough the healing value of this drink. It is my favorite fermented food!

 Note *  If coconut is pink inside (meat or water inside) discard.  Also, if the meat inside looks black or dark brown, also discard. This could mean it is old and moldy.

Body Ecology Kefir Culture Starter is the preferred starter to use for this recipe. It can be purchased at some health food stores or online though

Miller’s Natural Foods carries this culture starter from Body Ecology and also carries the white Thai coconuts. The coconuts can be preordered by the case if they do not have them in stock.

2888 Miller Lane, Bird in Hand, PA 17505 (717) 768-7582


Asian Grocery Stores in Lancaster:

Asian Market

248 East Liberty Street, Lancaster, PA 17602 (717) 299-2331

Asian Center Supermarket

2060 Bennet Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601 (717) 826-9925

Viet My Oriental Food Market

550 North Franklin Street, Lancaster, PA 17602 (717) 393-0338







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