Four years ago, this week, my husband and I traveled to Khajuraho, India. This is the farthest and most exotic place I have ever traveled to. I always loved and still love Indian food and learning about the culture. Being there for almost 2 weeks helped us to live the culture and experience the true India.

Our trip consisted of 3 different flights to get there and 3 more to return home. Overall, the flight total was 17 hours in total…Yikes!! It was long and it was very challenging to sit still all of those hours but it turned out to be a wonderful experience and we came back with a lot of interesting stories to share!

 It was a good learning experience for me and I did what I could to stay healthy and enjoy our trip. Happy to share, that I stayed very healthy and didn’t catch what was circulating with the group of people we were staying with. Several of the people we stayed with for the 2 weeks we were there, developed diarrhea, vomiting, and fevers. It could have been that they accidentally drank water that they shouldn’t have or eaten something that their bodies rejected. India and other 3rd world countries have bacteria that we Americans have not been exposed to. This is why many people who travel to these countries develop traveler’s diarrhea or other unfriendly GI illnesses.

I’ll be sharing more in depth tomorrow what to take internally to protect yourself from these harmful bacteria microbes and how to keep your immune system strong when traveling.

The other important thing to keep in mind when flying is radiation exposure. Did you know that on a regular transcontinental flight, at 30,000 elevation, your body is exposed to 20 micro sieverts of radiation. This amount of radiation is 1,000 times more radiation than an airport body scanner. Radiation exposure today is a big health concern for all of us today. With all the electromagnetic pollution we are surrounded with daily, by our cell phones, tablets, computers, and other tech gadgets, it has become a real health concern. Adding flights to this list, compounds the already elevated radiation exposure we are facing on a daily basis. To read more about this in greater detail, read my past blog on EMF exposure and some tips on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones:

Between the radiation concerns, the airborne organisms floating around the airplane, and the foreign bacteria exposure on your travel destination, what can you do to protect yourself?

I’m going to share with you what I did to stay healthy and what my husband and I took before, during, and after our flights to promote wellness. This protocol is highly recommended for international flights and crossing over different time zones. You can also follow this protocol for any flight to keep yourself well, protect yourself from radiation, and to lessen the stress a flight has on your body.

This series will be divided into 3 posts. This 1st blog post, I am going to share the products we used externally to stay well. Tomorrow, I will share my recommendations on what to take internally (supplementally) to promote health and wellbeing. The 3rd post, I’ll be sharing some yummy and delicious recipes from India that I think you’ll really enjoy! Stay tuned for the next 2 posts coming soon…

Let’s start with the products to use externally to protect yourself:


1.       EMF Protective Blanket or Shield- this protects most of your body from the EMF/ radiation exposure on a flight:



2.       Taking an Anti-Radiation Bath once you get to your destination and when you get home from your travels (if you travel to a 3rd world country, it may not be safe to soak in a tub of water that has unfriendly bacteria in it, so you may need to wait until you get home to do this)

Directions: dissolve 1 lb of baking soda and 1 lb of Epsom salts (fragrance free Epsom salts) into a bath of - as warm to hot as you can stand it, have the water cover as much of your body as possible, soak for 20-30 minutes, and shower off afterwards. You can take this bath after having diagnostic tests that expose your body to radiation too…this is very helpful. If you are going to be soaking in chlorine treated water, add ½ cup Bentonite Clay Powder to neutralize the toxins, source:


3.       Argentyn 23 Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray: inhale this nasal spray into both nostrils every 2-3 hours while in flight to protect yourself from airborne germs floating around the plane. I always fly with this for protection.


4.       Thieves Essential Oil: I try to never leave the house anymore without this amazing essential oil blend, especially on a flight and when traveling!

Use this as a hand sanitizer, 2-3 drops right into your palms and rub hands together to spread the oils into fingers and fingertips. Reapply every couple hours while flying and rub several drops onto each foot (all over sole and top of foot-massage foot well) to protect your immune system while flying. If this is to much for you or if you have children, use my hand sanitizer recipe as a lighter and safer source for their tender little hands.

Read more about why Thieves is so important to protect you from illness and find the recipe how to make your own and recipe for a hand sanitizer here:



Hand Sanitizer Recipe:


Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing the supplements that I take while traveling to promote wellness.




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