So today we are talking about essential oils and incense in the usage of home purification, antiseptic qualities, and uplifting properties.

Benchmark Thyme is a highly recommended oil right now during this pandemic because of its proven anti-microbial properties.

Benchmark Thyme is a powerful blend of four ethically grown thyme oils. This specific combination of thyme oils has been chosen to provide the most effective composition of anti-bacterial compounds, while still being gentle on the skin.

This oil has had significant research regarding MRSA. A Brighton study concluded that Benchmark Thyme rapidly kills MRSA. Find link below for this amazing research.

Benchmark Thyme Room Atomizer Room Spray

10-15drops of Benchmark Thyme essential oil

3-4 ounces of water

2-3 TBSP of Vodka, Witch Hazel, or White Distilled Vineagr (as a dispersant)

place all ingredients into a glass spray bottle and use as a disinfecting room spray or spray on clothes

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Incense is the traditional root of modern aromatherapy. When we inhale herbal smoke through burning incense, the medicinal chemical compounds are taken directly into the lungs and sinuses and will also find their way into our bloodstream and brain. The healing compounds go directly to the organs and body systems that need additional assistance as a therapeutic effect.

Almost all aromatic plants used in incense carry medicinal qualities. Many native and indigenous cultures around the world used the smoke from aromatic plants in incense formulas to heal patients. A lot of the time, incense was used as a complimentary medicine to other herbal treatments.

The smoke and the fumes from these healing plants were often used for preventative medicine when viruses came into their communities because most of these aromatic plants are aromatic and have powerful anti-microbial properties, destroying airborne illnesses.


Recipe for 4 Thieves Loose Incense Blend

A small pinch of the following:

Cinnamon, clove, thyme, rosemary, sage, and lavender

Blend powders together and place a small pinch on a hot bamboo charcoal


Enjoy the beautiful aromatic and antiseptic qualities of this experience!


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