Today is Christmas Eve and I want to wish all of you a wonderful and blessed Christmas and holiday season! Thank you all for your support and please know that I am beyond humbled and grateful for every moment I have had the blessing of sharing with you...whether in person, online, or through letters.
My prayer is that each one of you will have a special blessing this year and that each of us has the chance to see how life is truly beautiful and a true gift...the tears, smiles, sorrows, and joys are apart of all of our lives but each moment will forever be apart of who we are.

Every Christmas, usually Christmas Eve, our family watches "It's a Wonderful Life." This movie is my all time favorite and reminds me each year how special life really matter what's going on.

If you don't know the story, it's about a man, George Bailey. George is always doing for others throughout his life, always feeling responsible for his family responsibilities, burdens, and commitments. He never truly gets to fulfill his own dreams and aspirations because of so many obligations.

On Christmas Eve night, life gets too overwhelming and too much for him and he decides to jump off a bridge to end his life. He believes that his loved ones will be better off without him. He wants to escape the pain and wounds he feels like he is carrying himself and what he feels he has bestowed onto others. Before he jumps, his guardian angel, Clarence shows up and gives George a rare gift of showing him how much his life has positively changed the lives of so many people in his lifetime. Clarence shows George how just one life can impact someone else's life so deeply. He sees with Clarence's help, how much his life has really been a gift and realizes how much he wants to live, if he can have a second chance.

 Christmas is a joyous time but for many, it can be a difficult time of year, whether it's because of loss of a loved one, illness, trauma, financial difficulties, and complete overwhelm. I am truly sorry if this Christmas you are feeling despair. My sincere prayer is that you find peace and healing in your heart.

I wanted to share the ending clip of this special and memorable classic with all of you to remind each one of you, as well as myself, that life really is a gift, no matter what we're going through.

Let's live each day with a full expression of love and thankfulness for our blessings and to reflect how much our life has impacted and continues to impact those around us.

Let's live with our hearts open...ready to give and receive love, forgiveness for others and ourselves, purpose and zest, and gratitude that we get to live one more day!

May you all have a blessed Christmas and let us all make each day count!

Love and Light to all of you!







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