This blog post, I have the pleasure of interviewing Meagan Good from Take Heart Counseling in Mohnton, PA. Take Heart Counseling is an equine assisted therapy for individuals dealing with stress, loss, trauma, addictions, grief, and other forms of emotional and spiritual pain.  Please take a few minutes to watch the video of our interview together at her lovely farm...and meet her 3 charming horses that are instrumental in healing others hearts and spirits.

I met Meagan several months ago and was so intrigued to hear about what she does and her mission for helping others. I knew that I wanted to know more and go to her farm and interview her to give others another valuable resource in stress management.

She shared some really inspiring stories with me about how equine therapy has touched others in a profound way in their healing. She also shared her personal story with me and told me how having a horse as a teenager (Charley, one of the therapy horses at Take Heart) helped her to find healing and peace. She said she was very shy as a teen but having Charley really helped her to blossom and build confidence for herself. This is her mission for others when they experience equine therapy at Take Heart Counseling..."to help others to have hope and strength, even when facing seemingly impossible situations."

Personally, I felt such peace being there myself and getting to know these 3 horses, with very different and intuitive personalities. There is a very calming presence that you feel when you are quiet with a horse or words are necessary, but you can sense their spirit and they can sense yours.

I invite and encourage you to look into this healing resource if this type of therapy resonates with you.

You can find more information out about Meagan and Take Heart Counseling at her website:

Many Blessings to all of you!

With Love and Peace,


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