"No, this is not the beginning of a new chapter in my life; this is the beginning of a new book! That first book is already closed, ended, and tossed into the seas, this new book is newly opened, has just begun! Look, it is the first page! And it is a beautiful one!" ~C. JoyBell C.

Good morning to all of you dear ones!

How are you spending the last day of 2019 and the last day of a decade that will soon be in the past? I'm amazed how quickly this year and decade has gone and now we are looking into a brand new one...I like to think of it as a new beginning. As the quote above states, a new book for our lives! Letting go of the chapters and book that we wrote before today and starting fresh and clean for a brand new one.

Do you know that we can start each new day with this? The sunrise is a daily reminder to all of us that a dark night has passed once again and a new beginning awaits and calls for us to write a new story!

I ask you, what story will you write in your new book of 2020...a new book of possibilities, dreams, aspirations, opportunities, and adventures are awaiting each one of us. Every day is a new choice and opportunity for us to let go of what does not serve us anymore and embrace the present. We cannot embrace the sunshine fully when we're still holding onto the night that has already passed on.

What will your book be for this new year and decade ahead of you...what story will you write? Let's choose to see the beauty of each new day that we are blessed to have and write that in our new book. Even on hard and difficult days, maybe that beauty is in someone's smile, smell of a fragrant flower, touch of a loved one's hand, feeling your heartbeat, or just the breath in our lungs. Let's remember to create some beauty on each of our pages and days so when we look back to read it, we can be encouraged and inspired to embrace another new day and year ahead of us!

May your new year be blessed and beautiful!

With Love,


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