We are living in a world today that is inundated with toxic heavy metal exposure. These toxic metals are contributing to many chronic health concerns.

There are many heavy metal sources we are exposed to, such as:

Unpurified drinking water, cosmetics, commercial cleaners, chlorine bleach, fertilizers, lumber, tattoos, broken thermometers, fabric softeners, large fish and shellfish, dental amalgam fillings, vaccines, latex and oil based paints, bleached flour, dyes, inks, exhaust fumes, air conditioner filters, floor waxes, soft contact lens solutions, coal burning and other forms of air pollution, etc…

These exposures over time can create unwelcomed symptoms in our bodies, such as;

Acne, acid reflux, developmental delays, dizziness, weight gain, zinc or other mineral deficiencies, eye floaters, hair loss/blading, hormone imbalance, dementia, depression, anger, anxiety, asthma, autism, ADD, ADHD, birth defects, neurotoxicity (nervous system toxin), brain fog, IBS, white coating on tongue, candida/yeast infections, autoimmune diseases, thyroid imbalance, insomnia, irritability, rashes, phobias, pain, panic attacks, etc…

Eliminating or limiting our exposure, as much as possible, to the sources listed above is going to help decrease the toxic metal burden on the body.

Infrared sauna therapy, certain supplements that chelate and bind to metals, chlorella, spirulina, cilantro and other herbal therapies, and specific minerals, are also ways to reduce toxic metal burden in our bodies.

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