Did you know that your liver has hundreds of important functions in the body?

The liver is the 2nd largest organ (the largest is the skin) in our bodies and it weighs about 3 pounds. It helps your metabolism to function properly, promotes healthy circulation, assists with hormone balance, cleans and detoxifies the blood, and assists with the digestive process. One quarter of the blood in our body flows through the liver every minute.

What are some symptoms that you might need some liver support or cleansing?

Feeling chronically fatigued, insomnia, allergies, poor immune function (getting colds / flus often), bloating, gas, skin rashes (acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis), constipation, unable to lose weight, nausea, poor concentration, excessive sweating, etc…

You cannot live one day without your liver functioning. The liver is the most regenerative and resilient organ in the body. Most livers will regenerate and regrow after a diseased portion is removed.

The liver filters out toxins and helps to purify our bloodstream. Think of your liver function like you think of the oil filter in your vehicle. The goal is to change our oil in our cars every 3 months for optimal longevity of the life of our vehicle. What can we do to “change our oil” or assist our liver with to optimize our health and detoxification process?

Eating a healthy diet, rich in colorful vegetables and fruits, eating produce and animal products that are free of hormones and pesticides, eliminating clogging and acidic foods (such as white flour, white sugar, pasteurized dairy, and refined and processed foods), drinking purified water, getting enough sleep, having a calm mind and healthy emotions, having healthy bowel activity, and limiting exposure to EMFs and radiation. This is a very condensed list but a good start to aiding in liver and overall health.

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