Bone broth is made from slow cooked bones from healthy, pasture fed animals, vegetables, and filtered water. It is slow cooked at a low temperature in a crock pot or roast pan in the oven for 12-24 hours. The slow cooking process releases the minerals and nutrients from the bones and vegetables into the water or broth.

I remember my mother making delicious soups made from homemade broths. The aroma was delightful as it filled the whole house, making it smell like Thanksgiving Day! The taste was rich and flavorful and you just couldn’t seem to get enough of it! It has been a pleasure of mine, as a mother and wife to make it for my family too, just like my mother and grandmother did. My prayer is that my children continue this healing food family tradition.

My husband and older children still ask, especially when they’re not feeling up to par, “Would you please make some soup for me?” What is the one thing that we crave and tastes so good to us when we’re sick? A nice tasty broth! The old saying “Chicken soup is wonderful for colds and flus” has been scientifically found to be correct. The healing elements and immune boosting properties of the broth make this statement true. It tastes so nourishing and it feels like it’s mending everything back together inside as you’re eating it! Actually, it really is mending things together inside your body.

Some of the health benefits of this broth are:

It supports digestion and boosts the immune system because of its GI (Gastro Intestinal) supporting benefits.

Bone broth is rich in collagen, which helps to form connective tissue, resulting in sealing and healing the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

The nutrients in bone broth provide important immune boosting properties and compounds that are crucial in the restoration of the gastric mucosa.

It reduces inflammation because of its richness in gelatin, collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfates. These properties are necessary for healthy bone formation and teeth remineralization.

Bone broth also assists in the healing process of leaky gut syndrome.

It is very easy food to digest.

It is rich in amino acids, minerals, and electrolytes that support cellular health.

It helps to prevent cellulite by improving connective tissue.

It helps to maintain skin health and integrity because of its rich source of healing compounds and hyaluronic acid, which boosts cell rejuvenation.

Bone broth is a wonderful base to your soups, stews, and other recipes. It adds a flavorful, rich, and tasty flavor, as well being extremely beneficial to your health.

Try to use organic, pasture fed meat for your broth if possible. If not available, make sure the meat is at least steroid and antibiotic free. If not available at your local market, call some local butchers in your area to see if they have pasture fed meat available. Using good quality meats will give you the healthiest and most nutrient dense product.


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