Pranic Flow/Energy Balance Session

Pranic (Life Flow) Healing is an energy “no touch” healing system based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Cleaning and energizing the energy body is the main purpose of Pranic Healing. Using specific colors and techniques to different parts of the body that are congested or deficient helps the body to get unstuck and encourages proper flow and rhythm back to the organs, tissues, and cells.

Disturbances in our energy body occur before it is manifested in our physical body. Clearing, cleansing, and energizing these disturbances can help to prevent physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances and can help the body recover without these hindrances. By using this form of healing, we can create harmony, vitality, and transformation in both the energy and the physical body.

Pranic healing is a comprehensive and treatment specific form of energy medicine.

A ½ hour session- $70.00

A 1 hour session- $125.00

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