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One of the most vital self care tools we can undertake, at this time in our collective health journey, is a Liver Cleanse.

Did you know that your liver has hundreds of important functions in the body?

The liver is the 2nd largest organ (the largest is the skin) in our bodies and it weighs about 3 pounds. It helps your metabolism to function properly, promotes healthy circulation, assists with hormone balance, cleans and detoxifies the blood, and assists with the digestive process. One quarter of the blood in our body flows through the liver every minute.

 Our liver is a portal through which viruses (especially the current virus) and stagnancy can be eliminated.

What are some symptoms that you might need some liver support or cleansing?

Feeling chronically fatigued, insomnia, allergies, poor immune function (getting colds / flush often), bloating, gas, skin rashes (acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis), constipation, unable to lose weight, nausea, poor concentration, excessive sweating, stuck emotions, such as; chronic anger, outrage, resentment, hatred, grudge, unforgiveness, guilt, something "galling" you, a consistent feeling of "lack."

A blocked or sluggish gall bladder/liver may cause many symptoms, including: pain under the ribs which can radiate to the back and side, gas, pain between shoulder blades, gastric reflux, sour or metallic taste, intolerance to fats (loose bowels or diarrhea), food allergies/sensitivities, problematic skin rashes, fatigue, poor digestion, constipation, hormonal imbalances, poor immune function, dull eyes, weight gain, brain fog.

Do any of these symptoms or emotions resonate with you?

You cannot live one day without your liver functioning. The liver is the most regenerative and resilient organ in the body. Most livers will regenerate and regrow after a diseased portion is removed.

The liver filters out toxins and helps to purify our bloodstream. Think of your liver function like you think of the oil filter in your vehicle. The goal is to change our oil in our cars every 3 months for optimal longevity of the life of our vehicle. What can we do to “change our oil” or assist our liver with to optimize our health and detoxification process?

  this is what you will typically see after doing this specific flush program

Many people today are dealing with stones or sludge in their gall bladder and/or liver. The liver holds many stones. When the bile gets thick and the ph is off, stones tend to form. The stones may even block the bile duct or other locations within the gallbladder. A congested bile duct can occur from thick bile that is sludge-like. Congestion can also occur from liver stones, infection, parasites, or other disruptions to normal bile flow. Did you know that even when a gallbladder is surgically removed, the liver has to work even harder? The liver can actually hold more stones than the gallbladder itself. Even if you do not have a gallbladder, a liver flush/cleanse is very important to do to aid your liver and to help promote bile flow.

  this is a gallbladder stuffed with stones as you can see...most of us have hundreds if not thousands of these stones

Some factors that can predispose individuals to gallbladder/liver congestion can include; diets high in refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated fats and oils, fried foods, or excess dairy products, hormonal imbalances, obesity, lack of exercise, stagnant lymphatic flow, constipation, insufficient water intake, hypochlorhydria  (low stomach acid) resulting in biliary insufficiency, genetic predisposition, food sensitivity/allergy (especially to dairy and gluten containing grains), and emotional and spiritual trauma.

I have personally been doing liver flushes, as well as guiding my clients throughout the years how to do this process. If you are concerned about maintaining a health immune system, doing liver cleansing on a regular basis is vital.

Would you like to learn how to clean your liver effectively, maintain health, and reboot your system?

Join me for an informative and interactive class where we will discuss how to do a Liver Gallbladder Flush. This flush process is easy and painless but it does require proper steps to do it safely and effectively. During the in person class, I will teach you how to do a liver/gallbladder flush, how to prepare for one, and what kind of tools you will need to prepare. I will also give you recipes for the flush and answer your questions.

We will be doing this cleanse together as a group.
We will also do a supportive zoom online class the day of the main flush and another one the morning after the flush. This is a way we can all support each other in the process and to answer questions or concerns during the journey. It's always easier when we can support each other and do it together.

This 21 day program combines my unique liver and gallbladder flush protocols with liver hygiene techniques, which include liver herbs and supplements.

The cleanse starts officially on Sunday, May 1st and will end Saturday, May 21st. May 1st- May 19th, only dietary changes will be implemented, as well as supplementation and hygiene techniques to start aiding and supporting the liver and drainage organs. May 20th and May 21st will be the 2 main days of the flush.

I will also discuss how cleansing enemas, castor oil packs, and lymphatic drainage techniques, as well as a manual liver pump will aid the flush. This will all be discussed during the Masterclass in person event.

*Supplements, herbs, and equipment will be sold separately from the class price and will be available for purchase at the in person class on April 27th

The dates of this class are:

Wednesday, April 27th from 7pm-9pm in person at Inspire Business Building (2nd floor)- please see address and parking information directly below:

226 North Arch Street,
Lancaster, PA 17603
INSPIRE Business Community Building (2nd floor)
Parking instructions

Friday, May 20th from 10am-11am via zoom (virtual), which will be the morning of the flush day

Saturday, May 21st from 10am-11am via zoom (virtual), which will be the morning after the flush day

If you would like to join this interactive event, please click the link below to sign up:


I hope you'll join us!

Healthy Blessings,


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