INSPIRE Business Community Directions/Parking

On weekends and evenings parking is available in front of the building and in the courtyard to the left of the building.

The entrance is located on the left side of the building. Go through the metal gate and follow the INSPIRE Signs up the stairs to the second floor. The entrance to our space is to the left at the top of the steps. Come on in!

If additional parking is needed, park on nearby streets or in Water Street Garage. The entrance to the parking garage is at 220 North Water Street. Enter the garage and go up to the 2 nd level for better parking opportunities. Enter the garage and go straight up the ramp. Turn right at the top of the ramp and follow to the other side of the garage. Park near the stairs. The stairs are facing the street (North Arch Street). The garage is $2 for 0-60 minutes, $4 for 1-2 hours, and $5 for 2-3 hours (cash and credit is accepted).

When you exit the garage, on the Arch Street side, our building is directly across! Or you can park on nearby streets- Chestnut, Walnut, or Mulberry for free if you’re staying under 2 hours. Double check parking signs in case of street cleaning or other restrictions. Please feel free to call or text me at 717-341-3916 if you have any questions. Thank you!

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