Let’s start by learning the first step in healing:

1.           Eat a Whole Foods, GMO Free, Organic Diet


We need to be eating a diet that is nourishing, healing, and strengthening to our bodies in order to heal.  This is always the first place to start in a healing protocol. Cleaning out your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer of processed and packaged foods and swapping out those foods for whole and fresh foods is the first crucial step in getting and staying well.


*What is a whole food? A whole food is one that grows fresh from a vine, the ground, a tree, or from an animal that flies, swims or walks (unprocessed and pasture fed).


The foods you are eating must be capable of nourishing and replenishing your body. *Stay away from foods with GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These foods are typically loaded with the toxic pesticide glyphosate which can disrupt the immune system, can cause fertility issues, and may cause pathological effects and changes to our organs and tissues. Go to www.nongmoprogect.org to learn more on this subject.


*Eat only certified organic fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, fats, meats. Non-organic foods are pesticide, herbicide, and chemical laden foods that can cause further toxicity and suppression of a delicate immune system.


*Eat mostly an alkaline diet. A good rule of thumb is- 80 % alkaline and 20% acid-based diet. Some research has shown that a low ph (acidic) diet can create an environment that is conducive to disease and a higher ph (alkaline) diet helps to promote health.


Keep in mind, diet is always specific depending on your health challenges and unique chemistry. Some individuals might need to be on a raw vegetarian diet while others may need some red meat several times a week. Everyone of us is different and has different needs.


Remember the saying by Hippocrates sums it up quite well, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


2.           Drainage and Detoxification of our Tissues and Organs


Drainage is the process of making sure all of your organs are draining properly. Your drainage organs are the bowel, gallbladder/bile duct, liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system, lungs, and skin. These organs have to be properly filtering and draining before the detoxification process comes in to cleanse the body of harmful invaders and toxins. Doing the following are all ways to get your drainage pathways open and flowing:  dry skin brushing, rebounding, sweating, colonics, enemas, Epsom salt baths, and specific supplementation. These pathways have to be functioning properly before the next step: detoxification.


Detoxification comes next after drainage. Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from the body, such as; chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, parasites, fungus, mold, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and environmental toxins.


Another important item we must consider living in today’s world is detoxing from electromagnetic frequencies or EMF’s. EMF’s act like radiation on our bodies, which can decrease our immune function. We are surrounded constantly by these negative frequencies with cell towers, cell phones, and computers, etc.  Please read the following article for more information on how to protect yourself and family from EMF’S:




The processes of drainage and detoxification are imperative in getting and staying well.


3.           Healing from Emotional and Spiritual Traumas and Wounds


This part sometimes is the most difficult to understand or get through but it is so important in any healing process. In some cases, this one method can be the most important. We all have things to let go of in order to heal.


Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that all chronic diseases are caused by the 7 major emotions of anger, shock, joy, fear, worry, anxiety, and sorrow. Chinese Medicine also states that emotional pain and stress contribute to the development of cancer, especially depression (which is repressed anger), grief, worry, fearfulness, anxiety, and circular thinking (non-stop ideas going around in your head). These toxic emotions can turn into stagnant energy in the body and present as a tumor or some other illness. Chronic diseases and cancer are a message to us that an imbalance is present.

The emotional wounds we carry within ourselves hinder us from moving forward and healing. Maybe it’s an old dialog in our mind that doesn’t serve or support us anymore, or a memory that that left a deep gash in our hearts. Those old dialogs or fearful thoughts that were created within us from a trauma or painful time in our life are preventing us from living a life of freedom and joy. Those old patterns are preventing the light and beauty to shine through our seeping and scarred wounds.

I have seen amazing healing take place using emotional release techniques such as Emotion Code™ and Theta™ with my clients in their healing process. It has been a game changer for so many in getting to the root of their illness and pain. The healing process can go so much faster when our hearts and spirits are free and well.

Here is an article on how the simple act of journaling can be a cathartic and healing tool in emotional healing.




4.   Taking Care of Dental Toxicities


Many people who are struggling with autoimmune, chronic diseases, and/or cancer may have some kind of dental-related toxicity in their mouths. This can be caused by mercury amalgam fillings which could cause mercury toxicity, or by root canals which can be a chronic source of underlying infection for the body to fight.


A study performed by Dr. Robert Jones found that 93% of women who had cancer also had root canals performed and, in the majority of cases, the tumor was on the same side of the body as the root canal.


Each of our teeth are aligned with specific meridians (energy channels) in our body. If there is a root canal infection or an amalgam filling then these toxins can have a direct channel to the specific meridian source which is usually an organ of the body.


A body that is carrying any low-grade infection from infected teeth or mercury toxicity hinders the healing process. Taking care of your dental health is also a very important part of your complete healing. Following are some articles for you to read for more information and a website where you can find a good holistic dentist in your area.










5.           Refortification of Nutrients


Refortification of nutrients is a vitally important step in regaining optimal health and healing. Refortification is when you take a nutritionally depleted person and restore them with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Many times, the depletion of nutrients has been a causative factor in their illness.


Refortification can be dietary, such as juicing, eating specific foods for their chemistry, and using food as medicine. This is also a time when nutritional supplementation, herbal therapies, and nutraceuticals are factored in as part of the healing protocol. Each person will have different needs for nutrients depending on what their health challenges are. A person who is nutritionally depleted can be a toxin magnet or sponge. Our bodies are unable to fully protect us by warding off the toxic material that makes us sick when we are nutritionally depleted.


Refortification is a large part of everyone’s healing journey and a very important part in staying well and enjoying vibrant health and longevity!


Thank you for reading this article and if you or a loved one would like more information on any of these specific topics or would like to begin your healing journey, please reach out to me at: beautifulhealingjourney@gmail.com.


Many Blessings of Health and Wholeness to You!




Rhonda Larson


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