I wanted to send out an educational article about parasites and parasitic infections. This topic is not talked about much, and not even discussed by some functional and integrative doctors.

This is a very important topic to be informed about especially regarding our health. I have found that parasites and parasitic infections are one of the top reasons a lot of individuals are having numerous health problems and having delayed healing. When these infections are taken care of properly, and the terrain of the body is restored, an individual can once again heal and experience optimal health. Cleaning out parasite infections can be a game changer to your health!

We have to stop thinking that only tropical, impoverished, and remote areas of the world are the only places  infected with parasites. This is false thinking and because of this misconception many people have overlooked the possibility that parasites could be the cause of their illness.

Almost everyone living today has some form of parasite infection. Dr. Todd Watts (known as the parasite doctor) states that if you have a pulse, you have parasites. A bit of a humorous saying but certainly one to get all of our attention! Please read the following article and find out how these critters can make a home inside of us and what kind of havoc they can create.



Parasites are organisms that live on or in another organism (the host).  They do this at the expense of the host, and often compete for nutrition. They live inside the human body and feed off the food that we provide for them. They can also consume body tissues and cells.

Parasites can range in size from microscopic amoebas to very large intestinal worms that can grow several feet long.

There are hundreds of known parasites and the human body can be a host for many different types at one time. Parasites excrete waste products that can be toxic and harmful to individuals with weakened immune systems.

Parasite infections can start by drinking or consuming contaminated water, coming in contact with infected people or animals through fecal/oral content, through biting insects, undercooked meat, unsanitary bathroom habits (not washing hands properly after using the restroom) or consuming food by someone who has not washed their hands properly, consuming food that is contaminated or has spoiled, putting your hands to your mouth after being in contact with someone or something that has parasitic residue or eggs on it or in it, sharing drinks, kissing, sexual contact, and inhaling dust that contains eggs or cysts of the organisms. These are all ways that parasites can enter the body.

People that have poor digestive function, low hydrochloric acid production, and any digestive issue should be thinking about parasites being a possible cause of their digestive dysfunction. We need to have a strong digestive system with adequate hydrochloric acid to prevent the parasite eggs that we ingest from passing through to our intestinal system. We take in parasite eggs almost daily from the food we eat, to the liquids we drink, and by the people and animals we come in contact with. If our digestive system is not healthy or functioning properly, then this is a major way these invaders can start to take up residence in our bodies. Almost everyone today has digestive issues in one way or another, so we can see how this can be an issue for most of us.

Parasites can multiply at an incredible rate. Some of them can lay thousands of eggs in a day’s time, releasing millions of eggs and waste products over the course of their lifetime. Many of them can live in a human body for years, even decades in some cases.

In the medical book titled “Animals, Parasites in Man” by Geoffrey Lapage, published in 1957, he comments that there is no part of the human body or host that is not visited by some type of parasite at some time or another during a parasite’s lifetime. No organ is immune, the blood, liver, muscles, heart, lungs, brain, digestive system are all possible sites for parasitic infestations.

Symptoms and Signs of Parasites

Anemia, asthma, autoimmune diseases, bed wetting, bleeding gums, bloating, blood in stools, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s disease, depression, digestive problems, dysentery, diarrhea, excessive nose picking, feeling fullness in the abdominal region, gas, grinding teeth at night, headaches, migraines, hungry feeling all the time, immune dysfunction, brain fog, impaired thinking, constipation, food allergies, food sensitivities, drooling during sleep, inflammatory bowel conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal obstruction, itching (skin, ears, nose, anus, arms, back), joint/muscle aches and pains, nausea, nervousness, rashes, restlessness during sleep, shortness of breath, sleep problems (parasites are very active at night and can cause insomnia), sore mouth and gums, stomach ache or burning, vomiting, recurring yeast infections (candida), strong cravings for processed and sugary foods, memory problems, sexual dysfunction, loss of appetite, bags or dark circles under eyes, irritation, anxiety, paranoia, elevated eosinophils in lab work (above 5), or seeing rice like material or black flecks in stool.

Strongyloides (a type of parasite) and liver flukes can block the liver/bile ducts and cause gallbladder discomfort and gallbladder attacks in some individuals.

As you can see by the above list that parasites can cause many different adverse side effects. Each individuals’ symptoms will be unique to their specific constitution.

How to Rid the Body of Parasites

Starting a protocol for cleansing parasites should always be started several days before full moon. This is because parasites are much more active during full moon. If you’ve ever worked in a hospital, retirement home, or mental health ward you know as a health professional that the residents that live there are more anxious, manic, or paranoid during full moon. One main theory is that the parasites that reside within them are more active and causing irritation.

Make sure you stay on a parasite cleanse for at least 2 full moon cycles, however, I have been noticing that most of my clients have been needing to stay on an anti-parasitic protocol for longer than this. Sometimes if someone has been ill or has had health issues for a long time, a year or longer may be needed to remain on the protocol. Taking care of the parasites is one thing but also making sure the proper foods and lifestyle is being optimized for each individual is crucial to healing from parasite infections. The body’s terrain needs to be changed and revitalized so it is not a hospitable place for the parasites to live anymore. Remember, they have taken up residence within you because your body is a place where they can thrive. This can be because of poor digestive function, stagnant matter congesting the body tissues and organs, heavy metal toxicity, radiation exposure, chemical poisoning or exposure, moldy or fungal environment, and general toxicity that the parasites thrive in.

Changing this terrain of your body is really the root of healing the parasitic infections.

There are 2 specific products that I use for my clients that are placed on a parasite protocol. These 2 products, as well as supporting all the organs of detoxification, have found to be extremely effective in eradicating the parasite eggs, amoebas, biofilm the parasites live in, and the parasites themselves.

Digestive Bitters/Digestive Aid

You may want to add some digestive support, like a digestive enzyme complex and/or digestive bitter herbs with your meals if digestion is a concern for you.  Faulty digestion is one of the main reasons why parasites can take up residence in your body.

Digestive Bitters stimulate digestion. They also help to stimulate the liver and pancreas to assist with the digestive process Digestive bitters are made from herbs and plants that have a sharp and pungent taste and smell. When these bitter herbs touch the tongue, our digestive system is stimulated to start secreting digestive juices. Bitter herbs also act as a prokinetic and stimulate the smooth muscle of the stomach to increase the rate of stomach emptying, which also helps to prevent vomiting and excess belching. Digestive bitter herbs help to promote health bowel activity and regularity, preventing constipation.

Recommended dosage is usually 30 drops or a dropperful of a digestive bitter tonic in 1-2 ounces of water before or during each meal to aid the digestive process.

I have provided a link  for you to purchase a good digestive bitter tonic and I have provided a recipe for those that enjoy making their own herbal tinctures at home.

Note*  Individuals with stomach ulcers and pregnant women should avoid digestive bitters until further research is done.


If you have any questions about parasites or would like to know more about starting an anti-parasitic protocol, please contact me at beautifulhealingjourney@gmail.com or at 717-341-3916.


Blessings to you!

Rhonda Larson




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