Digestive Bitters stimulate digestion. They also help to stimulate the liver and pancreas to assist with the digestive process Digestive bitters are made from herbs and plants that have a sharp and pungent taste and smell. When these bitter herbs touch the tongue, our digestive system is stimulated to start secreting digestive juices and. Bitter herbs also act as a prokinetic and stimulate the smooth muscle of the stomach to increase the rate of stomach emptying, which also helps to prevent vomiting and excess belching. Digestive bitter herbs help to promote health bowel activity and regularity, preventing constipation.

Recommended dosage is usually 30 drops or a dropperful of a digestive bitter tonic in 1-2 ounces of water before or during each meal to aid the digestive process.

Digestive Bitter Tonic Recipe

1 part organic Gentian Root (herb used for fullness, gastritis, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and loss of appetite, stimulates digestion)

1 part organic Bitter Orange Peel (used for digestive problems, such as; nausea, constipation, indigestion, weight loss, heartburn, and congestion)

1 part organic Ginger Root (herb used for motion sickness, nausea, bloating, indigestion, anti-inflammatory, prokinetic, stimulates digestion)

1 part organic Dandelion Root (herb used for skin conditions, liver conditions, bile stagnation, high cholesterol, diabetes, anti-inflammatory, digestive disorders)

1 part organic Fennel (herb used for metabolism booster, digestive disorders- gas, bloating, nausea, fullness feeling, constipation, anti-spasmodic for cramps, griping pains)

5 parts organic 80 proof Vodka

*The alcohol will pull out the medicinal properties of the herbs, leaving the value in the vodka. Alcohol also preserves the herbs and this digestive tonic recipe will last several years if stored correctly (tightly capped in glass bottles and stored in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight).


Mix the dried herbs with the vodka and place in a large glass jar. The vodka should be covering the dried or fresh herbs at least several inches or more in the jar. Close the lid and let sit in a dark cupboard for at least 1 month or 1 full cycle of the moon. Stir occasionally. You may let it sit longer if you wish. After 1 month, strain the contents through cheesecloth. Discard the dried herbs and pour the digestive bitter tonic contents into glass jars that can be tightly capped. The finished product will be a medium to dark colored herbal tincture with a bitter pungent taste. The Bitter Orange and Fennel do give it a touch of sweetness.

I have provided a link for each ingredient and the organic vodka can be purchased at a Wine and Spirit store in your area. There is also a link at the bottom of the page for an already made digestive bitter aid, if you prefer to buy one already made.

Enjoy the blessing that this tonic gives your digestive process!

I have provided you a link below if you wish to purchase an already prepared digestive bitter aid



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