Good morning to all of you on this sunny September Thursday,

I pray you have had a blessed summer and have enjoyed the warmth, sun, and all of the abundance of this season's fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and many other blessings.

This summer I have been keeping busy with our medicinal herb garden and all of the abundance that it has brought to us. I have enjoyed making many medicinal herbal preparations for our family, for my clients, and for those in need.

Herbal medicine and making herbal preparations is a passion of mine and has become a mission. This mission is to help others in their healing journey using the herbs and plants that God has blessed our land with...these plants that heal not only our bodies, but our souls, and hearts too.

I have been using my own herbal preparations for my clients for some time now. It gives me such great joy to hand an herbal preparation to a client that I have made myself, with my own hands, and from my heart, and infused with prayers and blessings.

Recently, I decided to start making herbal preparations for the public as well and I am so happy to announce that I have officially opened an Etsy store selling my own handcrafted herbals.

Most of these items I have been able to make from our own organic medicinal herb garden and several herbs I have wild crafted in forests and in the wild using sustainable practices. Also, there are a few herbs that I do not grow myself that I have gotten from certified organic herb farms.
If you are interested in herbal medicine and all the benefits the plants, herbs, and flowers have on our health and well being, then check out my store, Rhonda's Handcrafted Herbals. You can access my store by finding the "Shop" link on the homepage. This link will take you there.

Here is the link:

I am now selling Elderberry Immune Syrup Kits for the cold and flu season. These kits have all the herbs you need to make a potent and medicinal immune syrup for protection during cold and flu season. You can read more about these kits if you click on the item and click "item details."

There are also medicinal salves and balms, handcrafted incense, herbal smoke smudge bundles, dream pillows (filled with aromatic herbs-wonderful for those who have trouble falling and staying asleep), and several other handcrafted items.


Please fee free to reach out to me if you have any questions about any of my handcrafted herbal products.

Thank you so much again for being here and supporting me in this mission of mine!

With Love and Gratitude,


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