Good afternoon everyone,

Happy July to you and I hope these lovely days of summer are giving you some much needed sunshine to warm and calm your bodies, hearts, and minds.

Several weeks ago, my dear friend Jen Mininger, a gifted photographer and writer, recently interviewed me for her podcast, The Hope Layer.

I felt so honored to be on her podcast because I truly love her mission and reasons behind why she started her podcast and Hope Layer Photography projects.

Please visit her website below to learn more about her and her passion and mission behind helping women find hope through times of emotional trauma and pain.

Please click below to listen to the podcast interview we did together. On the podcast, we talked about my background as a Naturopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner, as well as natural ways to decrease stress, recipe ideas, and many other topics on healing.

Here is a written version of the podcast with pictures:


Follow Jen Mininger on social media, you will absolutely love her photography and touching stories behind the photos she shares:

Hope you enjoy our talk together :)

Much Love to You!



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