Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful ladies!

Today, is a day to celebrate the love and life you have been given and have given to your precious ones!

The picture above is of my own dear mother on my parent's wedding day in October 3rd, 1953, before any of us 7 children were brought into this world. She is 86 years old and all of us children feel so blessed to still have her and my father, still living and in our lives.

Our mother has always been sweet and kind and she has been such an instrument in my life, especially in planting love and care in my heart for others. I remember when my friends would call from school, when I was growing up, and she would answer in the sweetest soprano voice, they would always say...your mother is so sweet...sometimes I just like to call to hear her answer the phone! It's amazing just what a kind voice can do even on the other line of a telephone.

I remember so many times her taking meals to people who were sick and hurting and us in the back seat of the car, all running along after her. This made such an impression on me as a little girl. She always had and still has a sweetness about her and a beautiful, loving heart for others! She sewed, she cleaned, she cooked, she gardened, she mothered, and most importantly, she loved! Her and my father taught us all about Jesus and His love...I will always hear them singing hymns and songs about Jesus as long as I live...like a record that never stops playing. I'm so thankful for this memory and so many others!

I could write a book about my parents and growing up in a large family...the joys, the tears, the hardships, the trials, the memories, singing all the time, music filling the house, and most of all the love.

My precious family...all 7 of us and our dear parents

This Mother's Day year is a bit strange and difficult..most of us not being able to be with our mothers and giving them a hug and kiss. Some may be grieving for not having their mothers and please know, my heart grieves with yours and I pray that you can find peace and healing during this difficult time.

If we have our mothers, we can call and tell them how much they mean to us...remember the voice of kindness, love, and compassion even comes through over the telephone. It's not the same as being together, but we can look forward to the day, that will prayerfully be very soon, that we can get together again and hug our loved ones.

I found the sweetest and most beautiful heartfelt poem many years ago in a little book of poems, written by Esther H. Groff (1923-1969). This little book is titled "Living Flowers." I picked up this book at a thrift store because I love flowers so much and the title and the cover of the book caught my eye...I bought it for $1 and what a treasure! I cherish this little book now because within this little book of treasures, I found this precious poem that reminds me so much of our my own mother dear. Every time I read it I cry...and I called this morning and read this to my mother over the phone and could hardly get through the poem.

If this poem touches your heart and you would like to share it with your mother or with another woman in your life who has been a healing motherly figure for you, please share it and keep the blessing going.

May you all be blessed on this special day with a day of love, peace, and many rich blessings!

Love you all!

Mother's Day Meditations

I love you, precious Mother Dear,

God bless and keep you, too,

Of all the Mothers in the world,

To me there's none like you,

You've been my inspiration,

You've been my guiding star,

Still yet, I cannot say in words,

How dear to me you are.

When we were lisping toddlers

And climbed upon your knee

You'd sing us songs of Jesus,

And plan parties near the tree,

And when we skipped in meadows,

And romped with childish glee,

We'd bring you wilted posies

To show our love for thee.

For us, you'd wash and mend and iron,

And hoe and clean and sew

And fix our choicest dishes,

And plant flowers by the row;

And if we 'd get a bump or two,

While in our childish play

We'd come a' running quick to you

To "blow the hurt away."

Then, when we grew older,

And had problems small and great,

we knew we could depend on you,

To help our feet go straight.

And tho' you'd toss and turn and dream

Through many an endless night,

You'd smile; and say,

"I'm sure things will work out right."

Though now you need not do for us

Those things you used to do,

Still yet, I need you even more-

I'll always be needing you!

When dark clouds are hanging over,

And our heads are bowed with care

We know we can depend on you

To breathe for us a prayer.

Since the gifts of tongue and eloquence,

Of word and pen aren't mine-

I cannot ever put in words

Thoughts of which are in my mind.

And so with feeble grateful thanks,

For you this prayer I'll pray,

"God bless you, my darling mother dear,


by Esther H. Groff- 1960

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