What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is nutritionally based, patient centered healing at its best. Instead of looking at health problems as isolated diseases, it works with individuals by getting to the root of the body’s altered physiology that lies beneath the surface of their presenting symptoms. The cause of specific diseases and its symptoms are usually an underlying dysfunction or imbalance of the bodily functions.

Identifying and healing the underlying root causes, as Functional Medicine does, gives the individual a much better chance in healing and having their health challenges successfully resolved. Functional Medicine uses scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing, and holistic based protocols to solve each individual’s unique health puzzle to restore balance and healing in the body’s primary physiological processes.

A Functional Medical Practitioner is like a health detective, using advanced laboratory testing and taking a thorough health history from each individual to help identify the root causes of an individual’s health challenges.  Practitioners are trained on how to unravel and make sense of a complicated story. Often the clues in an individual’s story will lead to the identification of key imbalances and the root causes of specific health concerns.

Functional Medicine Practitioners use many different holistic modalities in assisting an individual with their healing process. These modalities are a combination of natural agents, such as: nutritional supplements, herbs, nutraceuticals, homeopathics, nutritional and lifestyle changes, spiritual/emotional release techniques, stress management practices, and assisting the body in detoxification and drainage pathways and processes. In addition, educating individuals about their health condition empowers them to take charge of their own health, which leads to the best success in their own healing.

If you have any more questions about Functional Medicine or to schedule a consultation to get to the root of your health challenges, please email me at beautifulhealingjourney@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Rhonda Larson, CFMP, Traditional Naturopath

Stay tuned for next week’s article on 5 natural ways you can assist your body in the healing process of Lyme Disease and any chronic infection or disease.


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