This special series on breast health is to honor all the women who have dealt with breast cancer, dealing with breast cancer currently, and women who would like to know some healthy strategies on how to maintain breast health. The month of October is known as Breast Cancer Prevention month and I want to encourage and empower all of us women to look at this month as more of a breast health awareness lifestyle.

I am not a medical doctor and I am not a breast expert but I am a health practitioner that has had special training in the prevention and care of those who are dealing with cancer and chronic health issues.  I have also counseled many women over the last 15 years dealing with breast cancer, healing from breast cancer, and also women who want to prevent it because of having a genetic tendency towards it.

First of all and most importantly, I am a woman just like you that wants more than anything to be healthy and to feel empowered by having the facts about our breasts and knowing how to properly take care of them and the rest of our body.

We all know women that have had breast cancer, are dealing with it now, or have unfortunately lost someone we love because of it.

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer it is a multifaceted issue, meaning it is not just a disease or cancer that pertains to the breasts but a whole body condition. What do I mean by a whole body condition? It means that there were many issues that went into that diagnosis, this has to do with any cancer in the body, not just the breasts. Everybody that has a diagnosis of cancer has different reasons that play into their specific diagnosis. Multifaceted means that cancer can come from many issues, such as; poor diet or eating a healthy diet but the inability to digest and absorb the nutrients, toxicity in the body and mind (toxic thoughts), electromagnetic pollution exposure , known as EMF’S (this is from our cell phones, computers, tablets, cell phone towers, microwaves, etc…), and  emotional/ spiritual wounds or traumas. This list could go on and on but just know that when you have a diagnosis of cancer or other chronic disease, the entire body needs supported, the terrain of the body needs to be changed so the root of that cancer or illness can be healed and not return.

Research has shown that most cancers, up to 90%, are from lifestyle and environmental factors. That leaves 10% for genetic predisposition. This clearly means that your genetics do not provide your destiny! Even if you have a genetic predisposition or carry a gene that gives you a higher percentage risk for certain health issues, you have the power to change your environment and lifestyle so those genes do not get expressed. My goal for this breast health series and following series to come, is to empower you to have the knowledge and information to create a healthier and cleaner environment and more vibrant lifestyle for yourself and those you love.

*As an important note for this breast health series, if you are dealing with breast cancer or any other chronic health issues, please check with your physician or health care provider before implementing the following recommendations into your lifestyle.

Today, I want to discuss with you about how to detox our breast tissue. I know, this sounds a bit odd, right? We all hear about detoxing our colon, liver, kidneys, or doing a whole body detox, but rarely hear that we can detox our breasts, but we certainly can.

Your breast tissue is made up of many intricate parts but in a nutshell, it is mostly comprised of lymphatic fluid and fatty tissue. Our lymph is a milky fluid that is comprised of specific white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, along with proteins, and fats. Our lymph is part of one of the largest excretory systems in our body, known as the lymphatic system.

We have lymph all over our body and it is flowing right underneath our skin. If you gently touch your skin, the lymph is directly flowing underneath. Our lymphatic system is known as our drainage system or septic system. Our lymphatic system’s job is to filter and carry away bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and other toxic substances. Our lymph helps to get rid of the waste products from our body.

Also, our lymph system does not have a pump, like our cardiovascular system does (the heart), so our lymphatic system depends on movement from us to keep it flowing properly. This is why we see the elderly or people that are bedridden get edema. They aren’t able to move very well so their lymph gets backed up and causes water retention. This is why some type of exercise or movement every day is essential in keeping our body healthy and draining properly.

Rebounding is one of the best ways to circulate healthy lymph flow and promotes healthy detoxification. Try to rebound 5-10 minutes twice daily for optimal results. Light bouncing is best. Put some music on and dance on your rebounder. It’s fun!

If you do not have a rebounder, take a walk outside in nature for 15-20 minutes or more. Remember to move your arms as you walk to facilitate upper body lymphatic flow. Walking outside in nature is healing in itself. It’s not only good for your body but it lifts your spirit too, which is essential to optimal health!

Our breasts are filled with lymphatic fluid pathways that are dependent on healthy circulation and proper movement. When this lymph gets clogged in our body and breasts, the breast tissue gets congested and the lymph flow can stagnate. This is a great way for toxic substances like chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and xenoestrogens to store up in our breast tissue and create toxicity and potential future problems with our breasts. Also, our breasts are comprised of a large amount of fatty tissue, and toxic substances already have an affinity for being stored in our fat cells. Breast tissue that is not detoxifying properly can eventually turn into cysts (known as fibrocystic breast disease), pre malignant, or malignant cells can develop as well.

This is one reason why throwing out our antiperspirants and commercial deodorants is so important to our breast health. When we use these commercial body products, they prevent us from sweating. Sweating is a very important way to get out some of these toxic substances that we are exposed to on a daily basis and that could be stored in our breast’s fatty tissue. Preventing the sweating process actually prevents your breast tissue from draining properly into your axillary nodes, known as your armpits. Most of our breast lymph drains into this area, your left breast drains into your left armpit and your right breast drains into your right armpit. Using a healthy, all natural, aluminum free deodorant is a great start to encouraging proper lymph flow.

 I have included a link below how to make your own homemade deodorant. It is made with all natural ingredients that when applied still allows your underarms to sweat but neutralizes the bacteria that causes body odor. It is an easy and effective recipe that works great and you can feel confident that this deodorant will not congest your lymph system.

One of the biggest toxins that has been found in fatty tissue and breast tissue  is something called phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals found in plastics, commercial body and beauty care products, and solvents. Using plastics, microwaving in plastics, storing food in plastic ware, using commercial cleaners and chemicals, wearing commercial beauty care products, perfumes, etc…all of these chemicals can get lodged and stored in our lymph and fatty tissues. Sweating has been found to be the most valuable way to excrete these cancer causing hormone disrupting chemicals.

You can sweat with exercise but the most beneficial way to sweat (getting rid of the most toxic chemicals) is by using an infrared sauna. Infrared saunas penetrate the tissue in our bodies several inches, reaching the deeply stored toxins in our body fat and excreting them through the sweating process. If you would like a good resource for a good researched infrared sauna, click on the link below.

If you do not wish to purchase an infrared sauna, you may take an Epsom salt bath at home. These are free and very effective at excreting toxic material out of our bodies as well. Epsom salt baths pull toxins and chemicals from our body. They also feel wonderful and are very relaxing! They are wonderful to do before bed for those that are dealing with insomnia.

Epsom Salt Bath Instructions (per bath)

3 cups Epsom salt

½ cup baking soda

Essential oils of your choice

*If you have chlorinated water, I recommend using 1/2 cup of bentonite clay in addition to these ingredients. Bentonite clay will help to neutralize the negative effects of chlorine. Remember this is a detox bath, you don’t want to be absorbing more toxins, such as chlorine in your water.

You will need to mix the bentonite clay with about 1 cup of water. Do not use metal to mix the clay and water, use a wooden or plastic spoon. Pour this mixture into the tub as the water is running for your bath.

Bentonite clay source

Pour Epsom salt, baking soda, clay mixture (if using), and essential oils into bath as the water is running. Draw enough water into your bath to cover your upper body as much as possible. Make the water as hot as you can stand it. Soak for 20-30 minutes. Shower off when bath is finished to remove the toxins that your body has excreted during your bath. Do these baths several times weekly to ensure proper toxin removal. Make sure you hydrate yourself well before and after your bath. Also, adding electrolytes to your water is very beneficial after taking these baths so electrolyte imbalance does not occur.

Another very important thing that we need to discuss is to stop wearing underwire bras and bras that are very constricting. Underwire bras are very constricting to your breast tissue and clog the lymph in this area. Also, every metal and electromagnetic device in your environment is attracted to metal. If you’re wearing an underwire bra, your breasts are acting like magnets to all the metals and EMFs because of the metal underneath your breasts. Also, if your breasts are sore, red, or have indentations in them when you take your bra off, this is a sure sign that your breast lymph is not circulating. A wonderful resource for learning more about bras and breast cancer correlation is a book called “Dressed to Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras” by Sydney Ross Singer. You can find it on amazon.

Keep your cell phones away from your breast area! Never use your bra as a cell phone holder! Cell phones emit a large amount of radiation and even the World Health Organization has listed them as a carcinogenic hazard and in the same category as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform.

Another important tip, try to remove your bra as much as possible. When you’re home, take it off and let your breasts free. Research has shown that women that wear their bra all day and night or most of the day have the highest amounts of breast cancer. Breasts were made to move around and bounce, that is how the lymph moves. Constricting bras shut down this flow.

It is okay to wear a supportive bra, but ditch the underwires! Below is a resource for purchasing comfortable, non- restrictive, and wireless bra options:

For larger breasted women I have also included a healthy bra option:

Castor Oil packs on breasts help to facilitate healthy lymph flow. We usually hear about doing castor oil packs for liver detoxification but we can actually use these packs to detox our breast tissue. These packs are great for sore or tender breasts and clogged lymph. Below is a link that will educate and give you instructions on how to perform this powerful procedure.

Lastly, dry skin brushing or breast massage is another powerful way to detox your breast tissue. Dry skin brushing is a wonderful way to detoxify your entire body’s lymphatic system. I have included a great youtube video on dry skin brushing, especially for breasts. This video shows you how to dry skin brush properly in this sensitive area. Also, I have included a link for a great skin brush that I personally use and recommend.

Youtube video on dry skin brushing around the breasts:

Dry Skin Brush Recommendation:

I am also a huge fan of self-breast lymph massage! This is a very simple thing you can do daily while you’re in the shower to encourage health lymph flow and drainage in the breast tissue. Check out this Youtube video for a great tutorial:

The link below is for My Breast Friend...a self care, proactive breast massage technique:  

The next article, I’ll be talking about some foods we can incorporate into our diets to detoxify xenoestrogens from our bodies and foods to encourage hormonal balance for breast health. *(xenoestrogens come from foreign or man -made compounds and are endocrine disruptors that have negative estrogen -like effects in our bodies)

The 3rd article, we will be discussing thermography and mammograms. We will also be briefly talking about other important tests to screen for breast cancer

The 4th article, we will conclude with how our emotional health can greatly impact our breast health

*If you are dealing with any kind of breast health concerns or any other health concerns and would like a personalized nutritional protocol and targeted supplements based on your unique health situation, please feel free to call my office at 717-341-3916 or email me at to schedule an appointment. I would love the opportunity to walk beside you and offer nutritional guidance for you on your healing journey!

Thank you so much for joining me and I hope you’ll join in again next week!

Have a blessed and beautiful week!


Rhonda Larson

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