1st picture to the left is finished elixir/ 2nd picture: rose infusion

  This is a lovely heart healing and restoring recipe made with roses and hawthorn berries. This elixir is simple to make, has minimal ingredients, and tastes delicious! May it open, heal, and restore your beautiful heart!

You will need the following ingredients:

½ cup dried organic rose petals (please make sure your roses-dried or fresh- are organic or wild grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides-this is very important!)

1 TBSP organic Hibiscus flower (optional-gives a deeper red hue to this formula)

1 cup of organic hawthorn berries (dry or fresh)

½-1 cup raw honey (wildflower is my favorite in this recipe)

4 TBSP organic rose water or organic rose hydrosol- link below

3-4 cups of filtered water

½ cup organic vodka (80 proof) optional, see below


Place the dried rose petals in a glass pint mason jar and pour boiling water over them. Cover with a thick towel and plate on top and let steep overnight. In the morning, strain and compost the roses and keep the infusion water…the water or infusion will be a beautiful darkish pink color, the color, essence, and medicinal properties of the roses infused into your water overnight.

The next morning, place the hawthorn berries (and Hibiscus If using) in a pot with 2 cups of water and gently simmer this for 1 hour, covered.

When finished, you have 2 options, you can strain and compost the berries and just use the hawthorn syrup you just made on the stove. You can also place the cooked berries with the syrup and put in blender and blend on high until a thickened hawthorn smoothie like texture.

Personally, I use the berries and the syrup in the blender. I feel like you are utilizing all of the berries this way and not wasting the precious leftovers. If you do choose this, just know that your elixir will be thicker and cloudier. Just using the strained syrup will give more of a clear reddish liquid elixir, which is also lovely.

Now, mix the hawthorn mixture with the rose water, rose tea infusion, and raw honey. Stir well and pour into glass jars and store in fridge. This will keep for 1 month to 6 weeks. If you would like to have this keep longer in the fridge, you may add ½ cup of organic 80 proof vodka to the elixir.

You may take 1 TBSP of this elixir 1 time daily for good heart health

If you are dealing with any heart issues; emotional, spiritual, or physical, you may take 1 TBSP 3 times daily

Organic Rose Water link:




Update:Happy Valentine's Day 2020
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