The taste of magnolia flowers is slightly sweet, floral, spicy, and exquisite!
This recipe is exotic and exceptionally delicious. The taste reminds me of pickled ginger that you have with your sushi, but with an added floral note. I love the beautiful deep pink color that the magnolia blooms give the coconut vinegar….absolutely gorgeous!

I threw in a handful of forsythia blossoms into my recipe as well...if you have access to forsythia, add them in!

1 ¼ cup of Coconut Vinegar (may also use rice vinegar and raw apple cider vinegar- the lighter the vinegar, the more pink your liquid will be)

1 cup Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener

1 tsp salt (Himilayan, Celtic, or Real salt if possible)

handful of Forsythia blossoms (if you have them)

Magnolia blossoms


Pick enough magnolia blossoms to fill a glass mason quart jar…packed down. Gently wash and dry petals.

Gently tear blossoms apart and rub the salt into the petals...then fill a clean glass mason quart jar.

Bring to boil the vinegar and sugar and take off heat and pour liquid into jar with magnolia blossoms. Press blossoms down under the liquid. Let cool and then cover with lid. Refrigerate.

Use in salad, sandwiches, with sushi , or anything your heart desires.




Update:The Beautiful, Medicinal, and Edible Magnolia
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