dandelion                                                       purple dead nettles                         chickweed

Vinegar is one of the oldest solvents used in herbal medicine. Vinegar has been used for its preventive and nutritive properties and when adding herbs to the solution, it greatly enhances the nutritive compounds.

Vinegar herbal preparations are recommended to be taken over a long period of time for health maintenance, such as; tonic and vitamin mineral formulas.

Today, we’re going to add dandelion, chickweed, and purple dead nettles to our vinegar to make a nutritive spring tonic.


Fill a jar (whichever size you desire) halfway full with dandelion (flowers and leaves), purple dead nettles (leaves and flowers), and chickweed, equal portions of each are good.

You may also add, violets and their leaves, red clover, and stinging nettles to this mix if you have them. These are also very valuable and nutritive herbs with numerous medicinal components.

Pour raw apple cider vinegar (unfiltered and organic) over the fresh herbs in your jar. Pour enough vinegar about 2-3 inches higher than the herbs. As the herbs get saturated with the vinegar, they may swell. If this happens, pour more ACV over herbs until it is covering the plants in the jar. If using a metal lid, place a piece of parchment paper over jar top and then place metal lid on top. The vinegar will corrode the metal.

Place jar in a place where you can be reminded to shake it daily, try to keep away from heat and direct sunlight. Leave in jar for 4-6 weeks and then strain. Compost spent herbs and reserve liquid into a glass jar.

May use in salad dressings, as a digestive supporter, and anyway you specifically use vinegar internally.

Take 1-2 TBSP with each meal for nutritive and medicinal purposes.

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