This Aloe Cream recipe is healing, cooling, and nourishing to your skin. It is very simple to make and you will love the results when it’s all finished. This has become one of my favorite lotion recipes because it Is so soothing for any skin condition and the texture is absolutely lovely. I have even used it as a deep conditioning treatment for my hair. You can put any essential oils in this recipe that you like but I’m using lavender and peppermint for additional cooling and healing properties.

RECIPE (makes about 2 cups of lotion-may half recipe if you prefer)

22 grams of beeswax- I use beeswax pellets and a simple kitchen scale for measuring- you may also grate your beeswax to for this recipe too

1 cup organic coconut oil

1 cup aloe vera gel (must be room temperature)

1 tsp vitamin E oil

12 drops organic peppermint essential oil

15 drops organic lavender essential oil

Melt coconut oil and beeswax together in a glass pyrex inside a pan with lightly boiling or simmering water. Make sure the glass handle to the Pyrex is out of the pan while the beeswax and oil is melting. This helps your handle to stay cool when you pull it from the pot (but always check before you touch it).

 Once wax and oil are completely melted, pour in a glass mixing bowl and add room temperature aloe vera gel and stir well until mixture looks like an opaque thick gel looking cream. Stir in essential oils and vitamin E oil to cream. You can also use a whisk or an immersion blender to get the cream nice and smooth. Pour into 2 or 4 oz glass jars when cream is cool. This cream will last several weeks in a cool area…cream will last even longer if stored in refrigerator.

*If stored in refrigerator, this cream will harden. When you are ready to take it out, let it come to room temperature and you can stir it well again to remix or use immersion blender.

Apply this cream to any part of your skin that needs some nourishment and love.

You may use this cream as a deep conditioner for your hair too- if you choose to do this… apply to wet hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes and then shampoo hair well afterwards.




Beeswax pellets



Kitchen scale:

Aloe Vera Gel:

Vitamin E oil:

Lavender essential oil:

Peppermint essential oil:

Coconut oil:







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