*You can usually find these young Thai coconuts at Asian grocery stores or Whole Foods Markets. You can usually preorder them from a health food grocery store as well

Take 2 young Thai coconuts (white) and cut top off with a clean hatchet or poke 2-3 holes in top until water inside is noticed- you can watch you tube videos on how to open if you wish or purchase a special tool from amazon.com to open these coconuts (see below):

Take the fresh coconut water and gently heat in a pan on stove until water is about 90 F or feels room temperature to your clean finger when dipping into pan(no warmer than 90 F). Pour warmed coconut water into sterile or very clean glass jar (2 coconuts will usually yield about 1 quart of liquid). Add 1 packet of Body Ecology Kefir Starter to contents and stir. Put lid on and sit on counter for 36 hours…try to have the room at 70 F if possible for best fermentation. After 36 hours on counter, place in fridge. It is ready to drink now. It should be tart and tangy with a mild sweetness. You can take ½ cup of this mixture and add to next batch of coconut water for culturing. You can continue adding the ½ cup of each batch to the next 5 batches. After 5 batches, use a new packet. After initial batch is made, you can decrease the fermentation time on counter to 24 hours.

Start process over after using the batch 5 times. Drink ½ - 1 cup daily or more for reinoculation of healthy bacteria and also great to drink if craving sweets.

I can’t emphasize enough the healing value of this drink. It is my favorite fermented food!


Note *  If coconut is pink inside (meat or water inside) discard.  Also, if the meat inside looks black or dark brown, also discard. This could mean it is old and moldy.



Body Ecology Kefir Culture:

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