I have been giving this recipe out for many years as a Naturopath. Beiler broth was developed by a physician named Henry Beiler as a medicinal soup for those in need of healing and restoration. The vegetables used in this soup are naturally high in sodium, which are very healing to our sodium loving adrenals, which suffer when we are under constant stress.

It is a nourishing and soothing broth-based soup and fairly easy to make. The ingredients also aid in detoxification and acid/alkaline balance of the body. This is a great soup to eat when your digestive system has been overworked or you need something easy to digest. It’s wonderful to eat this for several days after holidays, when we typically overeat, to give our digestive systems a rest.




6 cups bone broth or filtered water

3-4 medium to large zucchini (roughly chopped)

6-7 stalks celery (roughly chopped)

1 ½ pound green string beans

1 bunch parsley (roughly chopped)

5-6 cloves garlic (optional)

2 cups kale/spinach/chard/ or dandelion greens (roughly chopped)

Place all ingredients into a large pot (except for parsley and leafy greens). Bring ingredients to a boil, let soup gently boil for about 10-12 minutes or until vegetables are bright green and tender. Take off stove and stir in parsley and leafy greens. Place lid on top and let cool on stovetop. May eat as is or puree in a blender for a smooth soup. May add other spices to your liking (if you wish) and salt and pepper to taste.






Update:Helpful Food Choices For Stress and Adrenal Health
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