This is a simple and creamy shaving cream recipe that works great for men and women’s shaving needs. Commercial shaving creams and gels are loaded with harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and preservatives, of course all the things we do not want to be putting on our skin.

The ingredients in this cream are moisturizing and healing to the skin. It is also very refreshing and awakening to the skin with the peppermint and rosemary essential oils added, just keep it away from your eyes!

I hope you enjoy it!



2 ½ oz shea butter

2 ½ oz coconut oil

3 Tbsp 100% castile soap

2 TBSP jojoba oil

5 drops Peppermint essential oil

7 drops Rosemary essential oil

Melt the shea butter and the coconut butter slowly on stovetop, you can also use a double boiler as well. Once melted and mixture is cool, add the castile soap, essential oils, and the jojoba oil and stir well. Then pour mixture into a small glass mixing bowl and place in refrigerator to harden. This could take an hour or more. Once mixture is firm, take out of the fridge and with a hand beater beat for several minutes until resembles a thick frosting consistency. Place whipped recipe into a sterilized or well sanitized glass 4-ounce container and use as you would shaving or moisturizing cream.

*Since there are no preservatives in this cream, try to keep any water from getting into this mixture. If water gets into mixture, it will only last a couple weeks. Otherwise, this cream should last 2-3 months if stored away from a direct heat source or sunlight and any type of outside moisture, such as water. May also store in refrigerator in between uses to maintain freshness.







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