Naturopath Consultation

What to expect

A nutritional protocol will be personally designed for you based on your health concerns, current and future health goals, and past and current test results, if applicable.

The nutritional protocol will be recommended and given to you at the end of your initial consultation and will be updated with each rescreen consultation based on test results and for ongoing health management.

The protocol may consist of nutritional supplementation, herbal recommendations, homeopathic remedies, stress management techniques, detoxification therapies, and specific dietary changes based on your nutritional needs.

The first initial consult is $125.00 for 1 hour.

Rescreen consults are $70 for a half hour and are recommended every month after the initial consult, for at least 3 months, or more if needed depending on health status

Tests may be ordered at your consultation based on your health situation. These tests may include; Adrenal/Hormone Saliva kit to check for adrenal and hormone imbalances, Comprehensive Stool Analysis to check for parasites, bacteria, yeast, leaky gut syndrome, and possible inflammation, Fatty Acid Composition to check for essential fatty acid deficiencies and imbalances, Hair Analysis to check for heavy metal toxicity and mineral levels, and laboratory blood tests to determine nutritional deficiencies and specific blood components.

Emotional Release-Emotion Code

Emotion Code sessions will be performed by proxy for Skype Consultations.

What to expect

Trapped emotions are emotions that we are carrying around in our bodies. These trapped emotions create a negative frequency in our organs, tissues, and entire being. They accumulate over our lifetime and have affinities for specific organs, like our heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc. Discovering and releasing them is vital to your physical, emotional, spiritual health and well-being. We can find a trapped emotion by muscle testing. After the emotion is found it is released by a special magnet technique taken downward along the governing meridian pathway. This is the meridian or lifeline that crosses all the other meridians in the body. After the emotion is released, an individual may have a sense of freedom, lightness of spirit, and a refreshing feeling of joy.

Essential oils and/or flower and homeopathic remedies may be recommended for you based on your emotional release consultation. These can assist in the emotional detox process and also can enhance and accelerate the healing process.

Hour long consultations are $125.00 and half hour rescreen consults are $70.

Session frequency will be recommended based on emotional needs and client desire.

Emotion Code sessions will be performed by proxy for Skype Consultations.

Read the following article that Dr. Bradley Nelson (founder of the Emotion Code) wrote about using someone as proxy for the Emotion Code. It will help you to understand the process and theory.

Can You Use Yourself as Proxy in Distance Healing?

Absolutely! You simply follow the same procedure as outlined in the book for normal proxy testing. To make this even more clear, let me quote from the Emotion Code, changing things just a bit: Let’s talk about the actual steps involved in doing a proxy test. Above all else, you must obtain permission from the subject who is going to be tested. It’s an invasion of privacy and is unethical to test someone without their permission. Let’s say that Ryan Jones would like to be tested and treated. He has given you permission to you to do so by proxy, since he is out of town. Since you have no one else available to help you by acting as proxy, you will be acting as proxy for Ryan yourself. As in any other type of muscle testing, you must make sure that the person who will be acting as proxy is testable, so perform a baseline test on the proxy (yourself) first to make sure.

To establish an energetic connection between yourself and Ryan, make the statement, “My name is Ryan Jones.” Now perform a muscle test. This statement will most likely elicit a weak muscle response at first. But the connection will occur if you persist a bit. Simply repeat this statement, (in this example, “My name is Ryan Jones”) a few more times, each time followed by a muscle test. The clearer your intention to connect yourself and Ryan, the faster it will happen. Generally within a few attempts, the energetic connection will be made, and the muscle test will suddenly become strong.

To continue with this particular example, you will now test strong when you say, “My name is Ryan Jones.” If your name is John, and you make the statement “My name is John” you will test weak temporarily. You are now acting on behalf of Ryan. At this point, everything that is tested on yourself as the proxy, is actually being tested on Ryan, however far away he may be.

It’s important to understand that when this energetic connection is made between the proxy and the subject, the connection is very real.

In some way that we do not understand, the needs of the proxy (in this case, your own needs) are entirely set aside temporarily in order to aid the subject. Any question that you ask now, testing yourself, you are actually asking the subject. Any trapped emotion that you find by testing yourself, you are actually finding in the body of the subject.

Until the connection is broken, anything that you want to test on the subject, you will simply test on yourself; the answers will be the same. In this same way, any correction that you want to make on the subject, or any trapped emotion that you want to release on the subject, you will simply perform on yourself as proxy. As you can imagine, this is a very useful tool. It allows you to not only find out what trapped emotions are stuck inside the body of a remote person, but to release those emotions from afar – and often, relieve their symptoms immediately. And the ability to proxy test someone by using yourself as proxy is even more convenient. After the connection is made, you can use the Emotion Code the same way it has been presented previously. Ask questions and identify any trapped emotions in the subject, by testing yourself. When you identify a trapped emotion by testing yourself, you can release it just as you would if the subject were there with you. Simply use a magnet on yourself. Remember that energy knows no barriers of distance. Your intention to heal and your belief that it can be done make it so.

Breaking the Connection

Once you have completed this process, it is very important to “break the connection” between yourself and the person being helped. If the connection is not broken, you may actually begin to eventually experience the emotional state of the person they were acting as proxy for.

On one occasion, I had been using the Emotion Code to help a woman who lived in Cleveland. Her sister had been a patient of mine for some time at my clinic in California, and would act as proxy for her sister on occasion. I once made the mistake of not breaking the connection between the two of them at the end of a session. The next day my patient came back to the office and said, “Something is wrong. I feel like I’m turning into my sister. I’m feeling her emotions, I think. It’s weird. Could I still be connected to her?” I immediately realized my mistake, broke the connection, and she felt like herself again.

To break the connection, simply state your own name and muscle test yourself until this statement tests strong. For example, if your own name is Susan, say, “My name is Susan.” If you test weak, you are still connected to the subject. In that case simply repeat the statement with your own name in it until you test strong. That’s how you know the connection is broken. It’s just that simple.